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Billy 40

Complex Decorative Wraps

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This is sort of a continuation of the lenghtly post I made to Saltheart's question regarding Straightening Out a Decorative Wrap. I will use the last wrap I put on a Calstar 700Xl as an example - it is a bit complicated, but I am hoping to explain every detail to make it easier for guys to try more complicated wraps on their rods.


The most important part of a closed wrap is getting it to close. This requires precise measurements prior to wrapping and threads. It also requires a prior knowledge of how many threads will fit per millimeter (measure a wrap you've done - for me - 3.75 per mm) The direction I measure is along the axis of the blank.


For this example, let's assume the blank has no taper. Measure the diameter around the blank with a piece of tape - refer to Custom Thread Art for a better explanation of this. This will be the distance between the centers for the pattern - 47 mm in this example. Mulitply 47 x 3.75 = 176.25 or 176. This is the total number of threads that will cover the entire blank (if we've measured the prior wrap properly - if not it may be off by a few threads)


Now select a pattern to wrap - #62 in Custom Thread Art

How many passes will we make for the main pattern? - I picked 8. First wrap 5 Gold threads on the center points (I used 3 gold Holo threads) Now we have to mark the layout threads for the rest of the pattern. Divide the 8 passes by 3.75 (size of threads per mm's) = 2.13 (I used 2.25). Then for the outer box I used 1 mm (this is for the Gold threads - this is how the Gold stopped and the Red continued to form the arms - space for 1mm worth of Gold, and 2.25mm worth of Red)


The blank will now be marked like this: Dot - 1m - Dot - 2.25mm - gold threads - 2.25 - Dot - 1mm - Dot. From the inside Dot - Red in, Gold out - from the outside dot - Black out +1 (starting with 2 threads for the first pass of black to emphasize the curvature of the arms)


After 8 passes, the pattern will be finished. Add a frame or just close up the pattern with all black. I did #41 to make a Gold Frame, next time I will make it bigger though.


If you guys are interested, I will give more tips on decoarative wraps that are a bit out of the ordinary and use precise measurements to lay out the exact amount of threads (ie: Shaded backgrounds)


I hope this helps someone and pushes guys to do more creative and complex patterns on their rods. If I have confused anyone in either of the long posts I made, please feel free to E-Mail me in private and I will gladly answer any questions i can. if you need help laying out a pattern you can also E-Mail me and I will do the best I can to help.




PS: Hey Al I think I have an idea for the Demo at the seminar.


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Oh well , 2 tries and I can't get the smile with the ??? over it.


Nice pattern and good post Billy40. Thanks


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