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Lami Tri-Flex: Best of both fibers?

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I am still at the drawing board on my first custom build. Thank you all for your much appreciated input; base on which, I am now down to three blanks:


Blank | Casting Wt. | Avg. Wt.

SB 121 3M | 4, 6 oz | 11 3/4

GSB 120 1M | 3 - 5 oz | 8 1/2

CSB 120 1M | 2, 5 oz | 7 ½


I will be using a spinning outfit and will be slinging bait. I know the first two (SB 121 3M & GSB 120 1 M) will solve this. The third one (CSB 120 1M) is the red herring. Its the Tri-Flex technology that uses both Fiber glass and graphite. According to the Lami catalog: "The tips are lightning fast and softer so they can cast live bait as well as throw heavy iron, while the graphite reinforced portion of the rod blank gives tremendous fish fighting control and lifting power". Humm.... Sounds like the third blank has enough power to throw hi-low bait rigs and enough action to sling eels. True or false? That is, is Tri-Flex really the best of both fibers: fiber glass and carbon fiber (aka graphite)? It would be awesome to have a blank to sling bait rigs and eels. I was thinking that I would have to build two different rods.


I did a search on TriFlex, but most of the hits were dated. Has anyone used these blanks this season or heard of someone who has? Any input would be much appreciated.





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They are very nice blanks. The glass/graphite layout makes them a little softer and more gradual action than a similar graphite. People who I have made them for seem to really like them. I have only made the 9 and 9 1/2 footers for plugging rods so i can't comment on that excat blank but as a line , the CSB's are pretty nice.

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