Rare Opportunity - Lamiglas blanks and Food Fling

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I'm going to also post this in the Main Forum. I generally don't like to sell blanks through the site as shipping is more trouble than it's often worth. But with the Food Fling coming up on March 7th - and Lamiglas just sending me a closeout blank list (all first quality blanks) - I'm thinking, why not? smile.gif Everyone wins smile.gif


I'll make a short list of the blanks I think would be most desired here - prices are non-negotiable and sales are final - I'm working from a list here, so I don't have any blank specs in front of me - if you want specs on any of these blanks, it would be best to ask in another thread or look 'em up smile.gif**There are limited quantities and it's entirely possible that certain blanks will be sold out before this order is even placed** Here goes:


Composite Blanks

CMB842F - $42

CMB963M - $50

C526 - $60

C527 - $72

C6609 - $58

C6909 - $73


Graphite Surf/Bar and Graphite Live Bait

GSB1362MH - $186 **do a search here on heavers smile.gif

GSB1382L - $122

GLB901M - $60

GLB901MH - $60

GLB901MT - $60

GLB931M - $60

GLB961MH - $80



BSB963M - $50


Graphite Boat/Trolling

GBT781M - $75

GBT781XH - $78

GBT821H - $85

GBT901M - $85



PSB1081M - $110


Graphite Fly

GF1026 - $60

GF1027 - $60

GF1088 - $60

GF1089 - $60

GF10811 - $70

GF10812 - $72

GF18610-4 - $140


Graphite Travel Fly (4 piece)

GT1084 - $80

GT1086 - $80

GT1087 - $80

GT1089 - $80

GT10810 - $90

GT10812 - $95


Graphite Poppin'

GP963 - $52

GP964 - $52 *do a search in this forum for GP964 - it's one of my favorites smile.gif


Certified Pro Salmon/Steelhead

XSH961M - $60


Steelhead/Salmon/Saltwater Spinning

GSH1082M - $70

GSH1262M - $75

GSH1382MH - $90


E-glass Steelhead/Salmon (honey colored)

SH1262F - $60

SH1264F - $60

SH1265F - $70

SH1266F - $75

BSH1266F - $75


Like I said, these are limited quantities - I don't have specs on them all and can't answer spec questions on them. **They will not be shipped - they must be picked up at the Food Fling! Details on the Food Fling can be found on the Main Forum here.


If you would like to order one or more of these blanks, shoot me an email at sales@stripersonline.net with the blank number as listed above and the quantity. I won't be able to tell you right away if they are available or not, I won't know until I place the rest of the order - please don't ask smile.gif As soon as I find out if what you ordered is going to be delivered or not, I will tell you - I promise smile.gif



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Last chance folks, I'm placing the order in a little while, if I don't hear back from anyone else, game over smile.gif



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