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Refinishing an epoxy finish?

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I have a bunch of rods with chipped +/or cloudy finishes gthey are otherwise in good shape. I have been afriad to sand off the old finish for fear of damaging the blanks. How would one go about refinishing an epoxy rod?

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Hello Dave,


Unless the rod needs to be re-wrapped and finished here is what I do.


- Thoroughly clean the rod with soap and water. Use a soft toothbruash to clean around the guides.


- Mask off the ends of the guide wraps with masking tape.


-Use 400 grit paper to gently dull the wrapping finish.


- Remove the masking tape and thorough clean the wraps with alcohol and paper towels.


- Apply two thin coats of finish allows 24 hours between coats. let the finish cure for three days.


- Inspect the wraps for any imperfections. Gently sand off any lumps or bumps.


- Clean area again with alcolhol and paper towels.


- Apply a final coat of finish.

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I don't mean thinning the finish with a thinning agent like acetone. I mean a thin coat.


Get yourself a 1-inch fan brush. Apply the finish to the wraps. Then squeeze out the brush with a paper towel and using the dry brush, wick off the excess finish. The wraps should just be tacky.


Let dry overnight and repeat the above step.

Let the wraps dry 48 hours.


Inspect each wrap for any lumps. Cut or gently sand them away. Clean the area with alcohol.


Apply the last coat of finish, but this time do not wick off. As the rod is turning on your motor gently warm the applied finish with an alcohol lamp to remove any remaining bubbles.


Let the final coat dry for at least a week before using the rod.




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