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newbie questions

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4 posts in this topic first post in here, and i have some questions


i want to set up a rod building gizmo and give it a shot this winter


i have a bunch of old yard sale rods


a buddy of mine has redone a couple, and they came out great...i want to give it a try myself...he is too far away and too busy to make my old rods his passion


a have a little rotisserie motor


what else do i need to get?


any sites with lists and pictures....reasonable sources for supplies????


these are mostly boat rods...some have wooden handles in good shape, all with rubber caps


whare do i find those ends with the "X" in them so i can use my rod holders more effectively?


what are they called for that matter!


thanks for any responses

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Your about to leap headfirst into the darkside cwm8.gif Enjoy the ride.... is one place to get the supplies you need to get started, and is another board with plenty of information and resources to keep you reading for days.


The end cap with the "X" is a gimbal

As far as supplies go, you'll need something to wrap the rod on, whether it's just a set of V-Blocks or a Renzetti lathe. The rotisserie motor is fine for a drying motor, but may turn too slow to wrap thread with. Then you'll need thread, epoxy glue, epoxy finish, brushes, tape, more thread, epoxy..............


Also, pick up the book by Dale Clemens:Advanced Custom Rod Building. It's an excellent book with plenty of information to get you going, and if you want to do different crosswraps, pick up Custom Rod Thread Art also by Dale Clemens. It has over 100 different patterns in it.


Welcome to the Darkside cwm8.gif

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dogboy, I am a newbie myself, I just started buiding at the end of the summer. Be careful, it is very addictive and this hobby becomes a means to try and justify every rod you always wanted but didn't want to shell out the $ for. I have started with very little up front investment as far as equiptment (just a set of V blocks) and that has bee fine. If you want to spend the money on a more elaborate set up all the better but I can't comment on that because I have never used one. The book by Dale Clemens is good (very detailed) but as far as a beginer just wanting to get started and dive in head first I thought the book by Tom Kirkman was the most useful, it keeps things very basic. The best resource is the experienced builders who contribute here wink.gif

Good luck.

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