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Brian T

Fixing apoxy

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Hey all,


I've been lurking for a few weeks now and find this board to be one of the most informative. Just built my first surf rod. It went fairly smooth considering that I used no books (just info from boards like this one) and no turning motor. I had a couple of guides where there are rough areas or the epoxy is uneven (Flex Coat Lite). I can live with it for now but will fix it at a later date. The question is, Can the epoxy be sanded to an even level and then re-epoxy and still have the color of the thread show through clearly or do I need to rewrap the whole thing? Thanks for any advise in advanced.



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Yes, the epoxy finish can be sanded smooth and a fresh coat of finish applied. However, there are a few important things you need to know first.


Before you attempt to sand the epoxy finish it needs to be thorouhly cured. That means you need to wait a full week since the last coat was applied.


It is vitually impossible to get a smooth finish without using a slow turning motor.


The epoxy finish will flow out and level level out if the unmixed finsh is first warmed by placing the bottles of finish in a hot water bath for five minutes.


Carefully measure and mix the two parts then pour the mixed finish onto a piece of aluminum foil and let the finish spread out. This will increase your working time.


Here are the steps I would do:


Use a new single edge razor blade to carefully cut away any imperfections.


Apply two thin coats of finish and let the finish dry while mounted on a slow turning motor.


Wait 72 hours from apply the last coat. Lightly sand the epoxied areas that have imperfections being sure you do not sand into the threads. Clean the areas with paper towels moistened with albohol.


Apply your final coat of finish. Brush across the wraps to level the finish.


Gently flame the wraps using an alcohol lamp.


Let it dry overnight.



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Thanks Al,

I did all the steps in applying the finish, just no dang drying motor yet. Now that I have decided not to buy any more factory built rods I will get one. I used heat to get rid of bubbles also but after a while a small area would just get rough. Still the best rod I have ever had. biggrin.gif



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I bought a 30 RPM and a 40 RPM. I already have a 16 RPM and a 8 RPM. It depends on what you like. A good all around motor is in the 8-15 RPM range. Here's some to consider:

CAT# ACM-112 - That's an 18 RPM (Has a cog, no shaft)

CAT# ACM-104 - That's a 4.8 RPM

CAT# ACM-105 - 30 RPM



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