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Kentucky Fisherman

Need help tuning my 6500CS

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I have a fairly new 6500CS in which I recently installed ABEC7 bearings. Prior to installation, I degreased them well and lubed with one drop of the Rocket Oil (yellow, I think).


The reel is definitely running smoother, but I've evidently got a lot to learn. I had it out today for the first time since the upgrade, chucking a very streamlined Trader Bay lure that's either 3/4 or 1 ounce. The best distance I could get was 54-59 reel cranks, which should be about 108-118 feet. I was hoping to do better, but maybe this isn't bad for a 1 ounce lure, this reel and a 7-foot Ugly Stick.


Best casts came with the spool tension knob set fairly tight. If I loosened the spool much at all, or if I got a puff of headwind, then the line would start "fluffing" about 1/3 of the way into the cast and quickly blow up into a birdnest.


This reel has two white plastic blocks on the centrifugal brake and no mag system, and it's spooled fairly full with 10# BG. While degreasing the bearings, I took a Q-tip and did my best to degrease the braking system as well.


What should I try next in order to back off on the spool tension and get more distance without the overruns? Heavier line? A less full spool? Some modification of the centrifugal brake? Or am I going to have to educate my thumb to ride the spool early in the cast and then ease up during the last half? I realize how hard it is to diagnose something like this long-distance, but I'd appreciate any and all tips.




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The 6500CS is a favorite of mine. You seem to have tweaked it okay. The problem is not the reel but the rod. The ugly stick has too soft a tip to properly load the rod.


The first rule in maximizing your casting distance is the correct balancing of lure, rod, reel and line. For light tackle plugging, i.e. 3/4-1.5 ounces, I typically get casts off of 250-300 feet with both my 6500 or Calcutta 400 mounted on a 7.5- 8 foot Loomis or Lami blank that are rated for 3/4-2 ounces. These rods are set up with a 15 inch cork butt, trigger seat and 5-6 inch cork foregrip.


Al G.

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Use the Abu 6500 as my standard for striper fishing below Hoover dam on the Colorado River.


Maybe you figured it out by now..


Did you also replace the levelwind assembly? C4 kit has bearing and new levelwind. This may help a little with the fluffing.


see link: http://www.heartland*******.com/other.htm



Agree with Al the Uglystick rod may be some of the problem. Also ABEC bearings need a little break in time.

You can change out the friction blocks for lighter ones, but then the thumb has to do smarter work.

100 ft into the wind with a 1 oz lure... may be all the Uglystick can do

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