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Ditch Jigger

Question re: old Lami blanks

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Al, Todd, Prefessa, Bill K or anyone else hopefully can give me some input on this one.


I have several old Lamiglas blanks with the older blank model numbers. For years I've wondered which of the newer blank models they compare to. Tip and butt sizes don't exactly match up, becuse most have been cut (either intentionally, or due to close encounters with tailgates). Anyhow, I came across an old catalog last week, and by comparing the specs on the old model numbers, and applying them to the new blank specs, I came up with the following "conversion" chart:


Old 1163=New 136 2M

1164=136 2F

1165=136 3M

1166=136 4M


Am I on the right track here? If I ever decide to sell these old rods, I'd like to give the buyer the right information.



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DJ, I've got printout at home which cross-references the old to the new, and I'll do my best to dig it out and post it later this PM. I forget if it was from Lami or from a distributor, but it's the real McCoy, from the year the new numbers kicked in to play.

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Thanks, Todd wink.gif My archives are always at your disposal. Sorry for the slow post on this; it turned into something bordering on an archeological dig to find this one cwm24.gif

Mike and Todd are, of course, exactly right. To flesh out the list a bit...


MB841E = 6702

MB842F = 6703

MB963M = 6803

MB1083M = 6903

MB1143M = 6963


BT963M = 0803

BT1083M = 0903


SB1213M = 01007

SB1215M = 01006

SB1362M = 01163

SB1362F = 01164

SB1363M = 01165

SB1364M = 01166

SB1604M = 01366

SB1625M = 01368


The old 1006 was one of Frank Woolner's favorite blanks according to some correspondence I had with him years ago. I built one for myself, and at 18 ozs. for a ten footer, it can grind you down (or shape you up) quick as any Harnell. Those old timers were tough birds biggrin.gif


I just had a large grin noticing that in the mid-seventies, an MB1083M retailed for $10.80 and an SB1363M would have set you back the princely sum of $18.00.


At the same time frame, just to point up what a deluxe treat it was to have a graphite surf blank in those early days, the GSB1321M was going for $146.00



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That's some great information here


Bill, glad to see the dig went well, amazing to see the prices of the old blanks and equally amazing to see that the graphite was so much money, that's like what, a Ford explorer in todays market.biggrin.gif




Dubs a.k.a., Charlie

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Actually, the prices weren't bad into the 80s. In 1984, I bought a white spiral Lami spinning rod, fully wrapped with a reel seat, for $48 from Dave Hammock at Murats. A Fenwick 1267 blank could be had for $20. Wraps were $5 a guide, tip and cork tape less than $10. Since most of the rod builders only put 4 guides on a conventional, you're talking less than $60 for the whole shootin' match. Most of the E-glass Lamis were under $30 well into the 80s, that's for the blank. I think I paid less than $40 for my first 2M S-glass blank around 1987. My 3M was bought fully wrapped off the shelf at Red Top a year or two later, I think it was still less than $100 ready to fish. Somewhere around, like, 1992 or 1993, Lami's glass blanks went up dramatically--but as you can see, the prices of their graphites has pretty much stabilized.


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