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Wharf Rat


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hi al,

this is for bait fishing.

what guides and how many do you


i'm enjoying your advice and picking up

alot of tips.i'm new to rod building and

so far its been a pleasant endevor.

did you ever come up with a basic tool list to post on sol?

thanks in advance


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You can use either Fuji SIC or Hardaloy but use an SIC Tip:


Spinning - 40HH,30H,25H,25M,20M,20M plus a BPST20-XX tip.


Conventional - HNSG or HNLG 20,16,16,16,16,12,12,12,12 plus a UST tip.


Here is a short list of basic tools:


single edge blades or exacto knife


thread burnishing tool


white china marking pencil


spray bottle, cheap isopropyl alcohol and industrial "C" fold paper towels for clean up. You can get the paper towels at Staples.


10X10 ceramic tile and thin flexible putty knife to mix epoxy glue.


several sheets of sandpaper in grits from 120-400.


Drywall abrasive sanding screen in medium to shape grips.


Round wood rasp to ream holes in grip material


1/2 inch masking tape


Inexpensive (<$3 each) 1 inch fan brushes.


Headband magnifier when wrapping.



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Can't speak for the 132-1 but I have a Goldberg 132-2 and it's a nice casting blank. Sweet spot is 3 oz (if fishing bait, you sure you want a 132-1? The sweet spot there will be lower). Loads very nicely with large heavy surf plugs; big SOL poppers and Lex plugs and so on. Not - IMHO - a real "pendulum" blank, but a nifty plug rod, very easy to load with the preferred weight range.

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you say that 3ozs. is the sweet spot

on the 1322m.i'm new to this and i'm

going by the specs and yours is rated

4-10ozs.,can you have a ML maybe.thats

only 2-4 ozs or a cut down SB136M.

the GSB1321M is rated 4-12ozs.i would

think lami would under rate the specs a

little.i want this for 6oz and above.

a little help here please

i want to use this in the fall

do i need a different blank or what??

now i'm

thanks WR


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thanks oz

i was worried there for a minute.

anyone else with any input on this

blank?jump on in.

what weights are you throwing up to?

what do you use it for most?

later WR

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