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I got a question Al.

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hey Al,the boys over on the jersey forum told me to come to you, if i had any questions, so i got a few for ya.I finished taking the wraps, and guides off of the rod that i'm re-doing, and i'm wondering what i should do to prepare it, for when i apply the other guides. Also, what do i do to take off the top guide.Do i apply it to heat (such as a blow dryer)?? What type of thread should i use? I have a spool of nylon thread, size D. And lastly, what type of cement/glue should i use to fasten the nylon, and what should i use to apply it on? Thanks.



BossMan <><

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The first thing I would do is border off the guide underwrap areas with masking tape. Use 320 grit sandpaper to gently smooth the area of the underwrap. Work slowly and carefully.


When all the guide underwrap areas are smooth, remove the masking tape and thoroughly clean the blank surface with Iso Alcohol and a rag.


To remove the tip, gently heat it with a heat gun or hairdryer while gently pulling on the tip with needlenose pliers.


Once the tip has been remove, let it cool and gently sand the tip area to remove any residual glue.


From this point on just follow the wrapping and finishing steps in my series of rod building articles.





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