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blank for 8' Bomber stick (spinner)

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My lovely bride wishes to buy me a fishing rod for Christmas. At first, I was going to tell her to get a Loomis 965 but then I thought I'd really like to have another custom. (I'm not a builder myself.)


I'm thinking about an 8' to 8'3" one piece graphite spinning rod for throwing 16A Bombers and the like strictly from the sand. The reel on this stick will probably be a Daiwa SS2600, and I will be using braid. I don't want it to be much over 8' so it will easily fit into my truck cap.


I have heard that the Loomis 965 blanks are no longer available, and I've also heard that Loomis quality overall has gone downhill.

Plus I'd like it to cost $200.00 or less and I doubt I could get a custom 965 for that $.

So that blank seems to be out.


At this point, I'm considering but not limiting myself to:


Batson 967

Batson 1027 cut down about 3"

Sabre 967

Sabre 1027? not sure of that model # cut down about 3"




What think ye? Thanks.


P.S. I know it won't actually be ready for Christmas.

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Try to get the Loomis 965!!


If you can't , the Sabre 967 makes a nice rod but a 3/4 OZ bomber will be on its extreme low end. In fact I think that's the case with all the blanks you listed.


You could also look at something on a Lami steelhead rod blank. They will probably be 2 piece like the GSH 108 2 H or 2 MH but they make great light lure rods for the surf. That's what I've been using for the last 17 years for the very light stuiff. Only spinner I use anymore.

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I built almost exclusively on Lamis , Allstars and occasionally Loomis blanks. I have built a couple of rods on rainshadows that friends supplied but can't really give you an educated opinion on them.

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