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Reaming Premade Cork Grips?

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I know that you used these. I have allways done it the hard way and used individuald rings.


How do you fit these to the blank....


A) Without loosing the center?


B) How do you match the taper of the blank? Most tapered reamers are relatively moderate in taper.

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I use a standard reaming tool that are sold by rod building suppliers. To insure keeping the center I twist the tool as it is inserted into the cork grip. I work slowly and periodically check to set the fit onto the blank.


When the grip is approximately 2 inches from its final location I continue to ream, but work even slower until the grip is approximately 1 inch from it's final position.


I now remove the grip from the blank. I gently sand the area on the blank where the grip will go and clean the area with alcohol.


I then mix up a batch of paste type epoxy glue, like Rod Bond or Kardol, and place a liberal amount onto the blank with a little extra glue near the front of the grip.


I then slide the grip in place slowly turning the grip to allow the glue to fill in all the gaps between the grip and the blank.


Any excess glue is cleaned off with alcohol and paper towels. I then wrap some masking tape around the blank in front of the grip to insure the grip does not move leaving a gap between the foregrip and the reelseat.


I then do a final clean up and let the glue cure overnight.

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