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rod show down

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batson 1087:

If You like a all around rod this is it to 3 oz

it handles fish well tosses lead fine but doesnt punch the small stuff like the 1083 does in a slinght on shore wind.

It Hums 2 oz a very well.


Lami 1083:

ultimate Bomber rod with back bone. gets sweet with 1.5 1.7 oz and tosses 3/4 lead head very well

takes bass to well for me a little over 40 lbs fine If You have Your mind right

_____so If You want a bomber rod 1083 is for You_

This rod is the ultimate with a VS 150

But You Must stay under 2 oz with this set up.

when I use mine I only toss bombers and custom needles that are under 2 oz that are made for that rodbiggrin.gif


the 1088 has balls to turn bass and whollop them in. it likes 3 oz lures and Me thinks sweet is around 2.5 to 3 oz.

this is a good stick to do it all If Your walking.


LAMI 1084 from what I can remember it can punch a 3 oz lure out there and fights a fish very well with a good solid back bone

I think the 1088 rivels this Blank But the composite on the 1084 has a little more sack in the Butt section.


right now Im useing a 1204 and digging it.

I seem to go to this stick in fall it will punch a 3 oz castmaster right out there along with the dannys I toss.

I think it really likes I got to weigh it but 2.3 oz lures alot


My .5 bits

the 1322 I have had this blank since 94 or 95 it is the ultimate 3 oz polaris popper rod and can Put a tin in outer space. it pops sweet and can handle any fish its put up against.

I may get another blank and do it in spinning this time


Must get Me a 1321 next and its on Me next rod listbiggrin.gif

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BM , you need to try some Allstars. Rods built on the 1145 , 1265 , 1208 , and the 11'9" are outstanding. Also , for those who use 4 to 6 at the canal , the 1209. Allstar makes many more blanks but the ones i mentioned are outstanding performers.


A recent entry by the Allstar people is the 1267. It also makes a nice canal rod for 2 to 5 OZ . I want to see it in action for another season before I say its in the outstanding category.


Comparisons to lami's , Id say nothing is betther than the Allstar 1265 and the 11'9" for certain applications. Some outstanding lamis IMO are the 108-1L , 120-1L , Arra 1205 , Arra 126-1MH and the Arra 1322.


One set of Lamis that gets ignored for saltwater surffishing are the Steelhead , GSH series. The GSH108-2H makes an outstanding light plug rod like the Arra 1083 but much more durable. Another interesting one is the GSH 138-2MH which is great for eeling near big rocks. Gives you a long reach but a soft action so you can land lightly hooked fish without ripping the hooks out.

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have the 1209 its a pool cue and have most the others that are lami

im just talking about the rods I tested

9' rods and just stating im using a 1204

as far as rocks go i need a rod with balls

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Hey Basmaster I curently own a Arra 1083.And I am having a Rainshadow 1087 wrapped as we speak.I am interested in fishing some un weighted live eels once the water gets a little cooler which rod would you use Thanks !

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