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pencil popping blank??

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put this in the main forum, but was asked to put it here too... thoughts?


I found lots of posts about which one is best, but if i wanted to buy a rod/blank for use with spinning and casting larger 2-4 oz poppers and pencils, what would i look for in the rod?


not looking for a blank recommendation.. trying to understand the mechanics of what you need so i can pick out my own.


thanks... reel will be a big daiwa emblem xt 5000.. i know that is not what most would recommend.. but i want big distance and happen to have one..


is there a perfect length? why? what type tip action... why? and on and on..

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Im sure youre gonna to be crushed with "get an 11ft eglass or s-glass stuff" so Ill stay away.


there was a time when I would recommened those blanks for pencils, not anymore.


I like to throw big pencils (2+ oz upto 3.5 oz's) Here is what I look for in a Pencil popping blank. #1 the blank needs to be able to load and launch 3.5 oz's, over and over. #2, there needs to be some parabolic action in the blank. I find that faster rods dont work a PP very well.. I recommend Rainshadow blanks for ALL applications, however, PP is not one of them. #3, rods with bigger tips seem to work better for me, especially with heavier PP's. I am now using a Lami 132 1L. last year I used a Lami 132 1M. the 1M, has a bigger tip. the tip is responsible for moving that plug back and forth. a weaker tip has to labor more to get that plug to work, it sometimes becomes sluggish. #4, must be 11ft (no shorter, can be longer, but not necessary, definately not shorter).


Now, that being said, I can give recommendations...


1) Lami 132 1M, awesome PP rod and also great all around rod, trust me people LOVE it.

2) lami 132 1L, another awesome all around rod, a little lighter duty than the 132 1M, but still good, will work a PP very well, but I still like the 1M better.

3) Lami XRA 1322. Im building it, never used yet, but people say its incredible. I can see why, it was a strong tip and is more parabolic than either the 132 1L or 1M.

4) SMB 136 3M. 11 ft S-Glass. if you want old school and all youre gonna do is PP and you dont mind a heavy pluggin stick, you can use this. it works PP's very well, but is also heavy. I have one and bring it out every once in a while just fr sh1ts and giggles...


Hope that helps...



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