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"Compatable" mixtures????????

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Hi Al,Neil again after reading the post about the finish cracking I realized that you're Da'Man to speak to about this.

For years now the makers of finishes and color preserver have stated that their products are "compatable" with so and so's.

My Grandfather was a cabinet maker and also made and refinished furnature.Made all his own stains,mixed his own paints,etc.

About mid - Spring 1975 he was still alive and well.I was working like mad to get 2 rods finished in time for the then "red drum run" in Chesepeake Bay.I didn't have enough of all of 1 product do both rods but by mixing I could.My Grandfather warned me:Just cause it's compatable DON'T mean its a "suitable sub bub".Mixing brands will get you trouble sooner or later because there's no "industry standard" for compatability; 9 times out of ten it'll be ok but then it'll go to he!! on #10.

Well I didn't listen and he was right.The finish wound-up cloudy and it cracked as well.

I got a "told you so" and a second piece of advice.Don't care what kind of finish you use give it at least 24 and preferably 36 hrs between coats and after the final one put up the rod for not less than 7 days.

Well I decided to follow the old gentleman's advice and since then I've not had any trouble with clarity or cracks or even crazing as long i did all the other things correctly and followed those 2 rules.

After reading your reply to the finish question I thought this might be of interest.

There were other "Gems" as well"don't go cheap" and try to rescue old finishes,color preservers.If you see'em scummin treat'em like it and throw 'em out.Neil

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Hi Neil,


I also learned those finishing tips from a customer who was also a furniture refinisher and restorer.


As far as mixing finishes or old stuff, I never mix finishes and I only use fresh finish since it's never around very long.


Sorry to here about the breakage of the blanks.



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