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AmTak blank question (Joe M...)

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I'm planning on ordering surf-rod blank GSW132MH (13' E-glass 2pc; 20-40lb line, casts 2-6oz) but I have some misgivings on its construction...I'm sure its a quality blank for its price but I wonder how it can be so light -- 15oz.


Both the butt & tip diameters (.985" & 13/64") are thicker than many all-graphite rods of same length, however its all E-glass and a couple oz lighter. I got the weight value on the phone from Mudhole, is it accurate? Can you describe the rod's taper (extra fast, moderate, slow)? Does it have a zoned action or parallel butt?


Sorry to nitpick over specs but being in the midwest (St.Louis) its impossible to hand test a surf-rod (in store or a friend's). FYI I'll be fishing for 50lb catfish on the Mississippi River.

P.S. I'm glad Fuji has a quality competitor in this market.

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Hi Craig,


Don't worry be happy. You are choosing a perfect blank for the big Cats. The blank is light but strong. To the best of my knowledge we have never replaced one for breakage in the many moons we've sold them.


They are all E-Glass which is very durable more so than graphite but not as stiff so you will find the action moderate with a somewhat parabolic flex pattern although it does stiffen at the ferrule and butt. The power is medium to heavy. They come in high gloss black and if you ever have a problem we will replace it with our conditional lifetime warranty.


I really appreciate you considering our blank.


Go to our site and download the new 2003 catalog. Try some of our guides and reel seats. We sell cork tape and some nice Channel Cat decals.


Warmest regards, Joe Meehan, American Tackle Co

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