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Martin Paez

finish problems

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i use flex coat finish,

i warm both parts prior to mixing,thin it with acetone and apply several thin coats but i still wind up with tiny bubbles that looks like a haze.

ive tried heating with a blow torch but it only removes some of the bubbles.

it seems like the bubbles "cling" to the threads

with the first application.

am i using enough color sealer?

does the brush have something to do with it?

should i switch brands?

HELP!!! confused.gif

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First - STOP using Acetone. No need. Second - what type of a torch are you using? There is a chance you are burning the first coat of epoxy causing these bubbles. The fact that CP is involved, really shouldn't matter, I haven't had a bubble problem due to CP, so I cannot comment.


I will say that too much heat will thin or burn CP, and epoxy will turn the thread a bit darker, as if no CP was applied. Like to hear people's comments on that one, I noticed this on the last rod I wrapped, where I put 2 heavy flood coats of CP, and applied too much heat to one area, which became a bit blotchy (I bet 90% of people who see the rod will NOT notice).

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Try using warm-hot water in a dish to heat the epoxy. mix 2 drams of each part (4 drams total). let it sit for a couple of minutes before you mix. use plastic or metal to mix, the wood sticks usually create more bubbles for some reason. DONT OVER MIX IT.. mix until it becomes cloudy, then barely starts to clear up, then apply. I dont apply thin coats. I dont use thinner either. I just apply until the guide and underwrap are completely covered. I then let it set for 15-20 minutes, then I use my torch to pop bubbles etc. I let it sit for another hour or two and I hit with the torch again.


it usually comes out pretty good.. my only issue is with the damn bugs in my garage, the last rod I finished had a mosquito stuck in the butt section.




good luck bro,


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