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Simple Diamond Wrap

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I was going to put about 8-9 inches of a simple diamond wrap pattern on a SAGE RPLXI 14 weight I was building. Do I need a underwrap? If I do, should it be sealed? Or even epoxied, before the diamond wrap.


The rod is going to have a fore grip. This leaves about a gap of about 4-5 inches. Can I wrap 12-14 inches from the handle all the way to the ending point, and then epoxy the fore grip on last. To have one continuos pattern??


Any help greatly appreciated.

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What I am visualizing is a 14# fly rod with a standard full Wells grip and a fighting grip installed ahead of the butt Wells grip. You want to wrap from the front of the Wells grip up the rod so the diamond wrap extends past the fighting grip once it is installed.


This can be done. However, it is very important that you get a very strong glue bond for the fighting fore grip. Here is how I would do it.


Do your doamond wrap. When the wrap is completed give the wrap two thin coats of finish to seal the threads.


Take the fighting grip and lay it up along side the butt section of the rod and mark the position where the fighting grip will go. Use bands of masking tape to mark the front and back end positions. Now wrap bands of masking tape around the blank where the grip will be installed. Leave approximately 1/2 inch spaces between the bands. Wrap at least three turns of tape around the blank for each band.


Using a hair dryer or heat gun, gently warm the open gaps between the bands of tape. This will soften the finish and allow you to carefully cut away the exposed thread between the bands using a single edge razor.


Once all the thread wraps are removed between the bands of thread, remove the masking tape wrapped around the blank. The exposed blank between the wraps will be filled in with epoxy glue.


Now carefully ream out the fighting grip and glue it in place using a good two-part epoxy glue like Rod Bond or Kardol. Position the fighting grip so it's centered. Clean up the excess glue with iso alcohol and a lintfree cloth. The iso alcohol will not hurt the exposed wraps. Every hour for three hours go back and check the grip for any glue seepage. Clean it away using a soft toothbrush and iso alcohol.


After the grip has cured overnight, you can now apply the remaining coats of thread finish to complete the job.



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Holy #$&t,


Al, you are the best. That will work unbelievably, if I'm able to execute it correctly. Will give the look of one long wrap, with the fighting grip over it.




Would you underwrap the blank before the diamond wraps go on, or will this build up to much thread.


Thanks a thousand times over

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