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It is my good fortune to have Al Goldberg build me a rod this year.


There are many things that go in to having a rod built and this post is just an example of the thought process that went into it on my part.


Since I have had over 20 factory built rods over the years, so I had an idea of what I wanted in a rod.


The problem is that I wanted one rod to fit 90% of my surf needs.


Taking into account that it is not uncommon for me to change plugs, tins or bucktails 5 or 10 times an hour (with weights that range from 1 to 4 ounces) and the conditions that we usually have (the strong winds) on the south shore of LI and that the trajectory my cast is more like a line drive than a rainbow....


The game was afoot!!!


I was lucky enough to fish with Ron Arra last year and picked his brain and took his advice, in his humble opinion the Lamiglass Arra 1205 would be a good fit.


Who am I to argue with a 5-time distance champion?


The next step was to find a rod builder who would do more than put my name on the rod.


Here Crazy Alberto stepped in and called Al Goldberg.


We (Cowhunter, BrianZ, Kadir, Crazy Alberto) took a road trip to Al's workshop to talk about building a rod (what measurements were needed as well as what reel I was planning to use and type of line I used) and to pull a fast one on BrianZ (but that is his story).


Al is very busy but was able to get the rod to me for the opening of Striper season. THANK YOU AL !!!.


When I first saw the rod, I was perplexed, the lower guides were smaller than I am used to, there weren't the same number of guides found on the stock 1205 and the tiptop was much larger than I was expecting. (I'm sure Al will jump in here and give the technical details) But since I'm a true believer - I wasn't worried, just curious.


It was time to do a field test.


Thanks to Al's innovative spacing and size of the guides. I am making significantly longer casts consistently. (I can't give you a definitive distance but I know where I can usually reach and how I compare to my fishing buddies and they noticed a difference)


Over all I couldn't be happier with the out come, I have caught a few bass (to 28 lbs) that prove I made a good decision.



The only downside is that I will never be happy with a factory rod again, I'll just have to live with it. biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


Thanks AL!!!


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Glad to hear it turned out well. I am now in the process of building an Arra XRA 1322 as a conventional and XRA 1321 as a spinner. Both guys were up in the shop and saw your "Redhead". Nuf said.


The Crazy One called from Houston tonight in transit from Mexico. Seems her set a potential world record on a grouper. Will get more details when he returns tomorrow.


Tight lines and long casts,



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Alberto had to stay over in Houston, due to bad weather causing him to miss his connection, he will be here tonight (5-27) @ 10:30 pm if nothing else goes wrong.


the rod is beautiful, see you soon

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Danno, the redhead sounds beautiful smile.gif Does Al charge more for the blonde? wink.gif Come to think of it, the blonde woulda been perfect on the last honey Lamiglas I wrapped, damn, I wasn't thinkinicon15.gif



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Gentlemen always prefer blondes.


True blondes.


Haw haw haw.




p.s. Tim...Surfpirate got a SPECIAL decal in addition to the "Redhead" on his rod. I thought it was clever.


Oh yeah, Crazy Alberto takes credit for starting the redhead/blonde thing.

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