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Which way to extend

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Al, Neil here.Hoping for an opinion from you and any others who care to chime in.

I have 7ft Lami super"E" glass blank that is about 5-6 years obsolete.Todd gave me some help on the specs,about 5/8- 1.5- 1.75 oz and up to 25lb line.Tips is light quick but springy,super powerful butt for such light weights.

I enjoy experimenting when I can afford it and since i have a whole $15.00 in this blank I figure"nows the time".I'm thinkong of doing a"half and half".

I have 2 options for extension;1. I have a 50lb class old IM6 trolling blank that when cut for a snug fit from the inside will give me a rod 9ft.1.5". Kind reminiscant of the old Fenwick Big Sticks of yore. Option 2 I have the butt section of an E glass 9ft surf rod blank that will slide over the blank and give me the same length of rod.This blank is rated for up to 40lb line.

I'm leaning towards the graphite trolling rod for a # of reasons; I can build the rod in 2 sections and glue the 2 finished sections together when both are finished(easier to work with) and the smaller diameter will allow me to use a smaller reelseat and cork for the grips without doing a lot of reaming.Also I like the idea of the old Big Stick rods.Using the graphite butt will give me a glue joint of 6" where-as the glass butt will be 4.5 to 5".

I anticipate that this rod will be a spinner built around either a Nautil or one of the new Daiwa"Capricorns" and braid will be the line of choice,probably PP or Cabelas Ripcord SI Plus in 50 or 65 lb test(eliminate the need for a shock leader.It will be guided using a combination of the new Low Rider guides,the 1st 3, and then switch over to YLG's and LAG's beyond the "Choke Point" using the New guide Concept.If the LR's don't work out then I'll start with a Fuji High frame surf guide and then transition to the YLG and LAG.

My one concern in all of this is that lengthening the 7footer to (ft is going to make the action so fast that it'll be a real Pi$$er to cast.

Which butt would you use and what do you think about how lengthening will affect the castability?

REally appreciate your input on this Al and from any and all of you other good folk as well.

Hope you-all have the very best Holiday Season. Neil

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I love to experiment with ideas like you are proposing. However, not being familiar with the blanks being considered it is difficult for me to give you constructive input.


I do not know if the graphite butt will add to the blank's performance since you will be casting relatively light loads and the blank will probably not load up into the butt.


I would go with all YSG or YLG guides. Just my own personal preference.





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Good morning Al. Neil. Thanks for the speedy reply.

The blank is a modertely fast one.

I'm going to go with the graphite butt section.Plan to use U-40 Rod Bond for the glue joint unless you think something else will be better.

Will clean the inside of the rod blank with de-natured alcohol on a 20Ga.shotgun bore cleaner and sand all the finish from the butt section then clean with de-natured alcohol. Figure that should give me plenty of good clean bonding surface.

Any suggestions on this?

Will keep you postedon the results. have to decide on the reel beforeI get too far along.

The Nautils seem to be getting pretty good comments but I've not seen anything about the new Daiwa Capricorns. Neil

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