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Any time a handle (or main gear) is changed the "timing" may be different and therefore may need to be changed  as well assuming you want the spool fully extended and the handle in a pre-determined position

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If what you think is a 704 handle on a 710 hits the bail, is the washer missing on the handle stud? Part -17-704 called " handle washer" on  the parts list. 

All of the 1 st generation Spingfisher reels have the same 1/4-24 left handed threaded stud. The only one that has a different bend is the 700 handle and only a 700 handle on the 700 will not hit the 700's bail/ rotor assembly. They is no timing  issue with this series of reels. 

706, 704, 710, & 712 handles all interchange with 706/704 the longest while the  710 is shorter, and the 712 is even shorter.




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