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butt length change to suite rod length

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I realize that ideal butt length on a surf rod is personal and varies from one person to another. But does anyone have a suggestion as to how butt length should vary as overall rod length increases or shortens? My perception is that ideal butt length will decrease as the rod get shorter. I have a custom made 11' rod where I have the butt length just perfect for me at 26" from the top of the reel seat to the end of the butt. I am having a difficult time finding the right length butt on a 10' custom rod that I bought pre-made. It came with a butt length of (all lengths below measured from top of reel seat to end of butt) of 23". That was too short. I had the butt extended 2". That feels awkward, perhaps a little long.

I looked at what a series of factory surf rods I have have for butt length - my Team Daiwas. they are 11' = 25.5"; 10' = 23.75"; 9' = 22"; 8' = 18.5" The 10' rod has a butt length that is 1.75" shorter than the 11' rod. Does that mean that I am likely to approximate my ideal 10' length if I take the 26" perfect butt length on my 11' custom rod, subtract 1.75", and shorten my 10' rod's butt to equal 24.25"?

I would be interested in any rules of thumb/guides that any of you have come up with.

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The five 10- 11' rods I have built for myself measure 27.5-28" from the center of the reelseat to the butt. I have a factory Ben Doer Elite (1-3oz) conventional rod that measures 24" and feels ok too.


The longer butts feel right and fish right for me... my thumbs are the only ones that matter wink.gif


If you are going to construct a matrix of some sorts heres some data:


6'1" tall, 34" sleeve= 28" butt


As for shorter rods, I don't own any for surf fishing.



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The rod action and purpose has to also be considered. A 10 foot rod intended for 8 and bait will usually require a reel seat further up the rod than a 10 foot pluggin rod for 2 1/2 oz. On the bait rod you need a longer lever to lift all that weight. (distance from your grip... left hand and the fulcrum...right hand) For the pluggin rod you can shorten the distance and get higher velocity with the same amount of effort. Just depends on how much leverage you need to deliver the intended payload.


So for me: two 10 footers

XRA 1204 24"

GSB1221M 28"


On shorter (9 foot)rods the higher up the reel seat the harder it is to load the rod (especially apparent with lighter weights) and the harder it is to generate tip speed and payload velocity.


On long rods best you make the butt length too much since you can get the proper leverage by choking up on the grip. No way you can compensate for too short a grip except by lengthening the rod. The excess length won't make much of a difference if you retrieve with the butt between your legs.


Just one opinion.



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