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?KayakRod--All Star BESP967?

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Maybe I should put this in another forum.


I bought a used kayak over the winter. I'm a little nervous about taking into the salt, but I think I'll feel more confident by the end of the spring.


Any rod ideas. I've got a 1087 blank I need to wrap. I think I want it as a surf stick though.


I don't know anything about kayak rods. Can I use a surf stick on a yak, or do I need to build the yak rod differently.


The 1087 feels long-----what would happen if I cut six inches off of the butt.


Sorry for the rambling thread tongue.giftongue.gif


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Spec it out like any other rod you would build. However, the things you need to consider with a yak rod are length and lifting power. You also need a way to secure the rod to the yak when paddling.


Most of the yak rods I have built were for fishing the back bays for stripers and weakfish. A 6.5-7 foot blank rated for 1/2-1 ounces like a Lami GLB841L or a Calstar GF700XL.

If you need a little heavier blank than move up to the next heavier model.


The one challenge is keeping your reel relatively dry, if possible. The saltwater will play havoc with a reel's performance.



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Go with the GLB 841M. or the 7.5-8M foot model.

I have fished with both the L and the M, and the M is better suited for salt. I love that rod. I have used it from the kayak to troll, cast and even as a surf rod for the N.Shore of LI.

It can handle up to 2.5 oz comfortably( I throw alot of 6" storm shads and the weight exceeds recommended wt on 841L.


Make sure the butt length will accomidate being in a rod holder( I troll from a flush mount).


An 7-8 foot rod is essential for a longer kayak, I fish from a scupperprotw 14.5ft long, so you can reach around the bow if necessary.


Whatever you choose you will have a blast from the kayak. heart.gif



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Thanks for the tips.


I like Lamis, but they hammer your wallet as well as they hammer the fish wink.gif


Anyone ever build this one:


All star:


BESP967\tSpinning\t8' rated for 3/4-2\t12-25\tFast\t


Seems like it would be a great yak rod!

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