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Terry Mac

? on Guide foot tip varnish cracks.

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Hi guys,

What's the best way to prevent guide foot tip - varnish cracks?


I have been applying one coat of varnish on my under wraps and letting it cure properly.


I then have been filing my guides and finishing the over wraps with 2 or 3 coats of flex coat.


Everything is coming out perfect and looks beautiful until I start to notice slight cracking after a half dozen fishing trips.


The cracking is at the point of the guide feet.


I have a GSB1081M ready to build for a friend and I don't want this to happen again.


Thanks, Terry Mac.


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It's a problem everyone encounters from time to time. Eventually all guide foot wraps will crack. However, there are steps you can take to help slow the process down.


Cracking is caused by the blank flexing more than the guide foot. Proper guide foot preparation, thread size and the number of coats of finish also are a factor in guide foot cracking.


To slow the process down:


1. Taper and polish the guide feet well.

2. Use the thinnest thread possible.

3. Apply very thin coats of finish instead of one heavy coat.

4. Allow the rod to rest for at least two weeks before putting it into service. Don't even flex it after the wraps are dry. This will allow the finish to completely cure.

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Hey Terry, You've hit on a subject near and dear to my heart. What has really helped me is (everything Al said Plus) double over wrapping the guide feet, its not much extra thread or epoxy and it really seems to help. Also tapering the the sides of the guide feet and getting what ever tunnel that is left over filled with CP or epoxy. I also make sure my guide feet are cleaned with soap/water/alcohol before any wraping is done. Hope this helps, Bruce

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One lesson I wish I paid more attention to was guide foot preparation.


My first surf rod...





That rod took a beating last year going in and out of the truck last year but the guide feet still look like a turd on the linoleum.


I started to look at the details on custom rods and one thing I noted was how much attention good rod makers paid to the guide feet.

My last rod...





Now I want to strip the guides off all my rods and redo them icon15.gif


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