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Crazy Alberto's F.U. Stick

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Oh vaunted Rod Doctor:


Please oh please oh please can you get your hands on Crazy Alberto's "F.U. stick" and clone it for me, it's a doozy.


Let me describe it.


Primary use is a boat (conventional rod) for bottom fishing. It's an unbelievably THICK blank and fairly tall (8 feet or so?). What is great is that it is sturdy enough to cast heavy chunks and large, heavy lures (e.g. 3 oz diamond jigs)...can cast well from boat or even jetty...and if you're skilled enough, from the surf.


I have personally seen THE CRAZY ONE pull 40 lb. stripers, bull red drum, whale cod, and school bluefin tuna out of the water with this telephone pole (not to mention countless double digit white-chinned 'togs) and humpback sea bass. NO JOKING.


Captain Bob Rochetta, Mully, myself and numerous others have constantly marveled at this stick ... it's a wonder you didn't tie it...yet.


Can you help me out? Alberto is mum on the specifics of the rod, and I'm going to have to resort of physical use of force (bop him over the head next time I'm in his garage) to get at it...I don't think bribes of beer or Sake will do it this time around.


-Fishweewee, scheming




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My spies tell me it's a cut down Uglystik surf blank. Sounds like a heavy cod jigging stick.


FWW, maybe you should come over to the shop and drool over a few blanks I think would do the job.



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I don't think it's a stinkin' ugly stick blank.


Shakespeare doesn't make them in blue, do they?


I think CA will take offense...he claims 30 years of thinking went into that rod.



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