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Grip tape

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I'll be using grip tape for the first time and would like to know if I can expect any problems. Any advise would be of great help. I'll be using it on a 12'6" surf rod on both the butt and foregrip. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Good ??? DPR. I would also like to hear how the pro's go about laying down grip tape. Ive done it a few times but it left a little to be desired. Epoxy came up through the tape and didnt look to good, not bad, but not that professional look.


Al, you glue the seat in place first, then wrap the tape to the seat, correct?


Thanks, BH

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Hi Guys,


Are you talking about cork tape grips or using the non slip tape used on the Loomis surf rods? Both types of tape have adhesive backing. I use 1/8 inch cork/rubber compound tape or 3M fine grade safety tape. The all cork tape I do not find durable enough.


To install either tape, first lightly sand down the blank butt area where the tape will go. Use 320 grit paper to just knock off the shine and then clean off with iso alcohol.


Mark the blank as to the length of the butt grip you desire and then add two more inches.

Start wrapping on the tape at the mark on the blank. Peel off the paper backing and anchor the starting end to the blank with several wraps of masking tape. Keeping the grip tape tight, slowly turn the blank and align the tape edges as you stick it to the blank. Work carefully to keep the edges tightly aligned. You can pull the tape back off and realign. Then continue to wrap to the butt.


When you get to the end of the butt, wrap the end with several wraps of masking tape to anchor the end. Now carefully trim away the tag end of the grip material.


Remeasure the length of the butt again and mark the desired length. Make sure that there is several wraps of masking tape over the area where you marked the grip. Use a new single edge razor blade to carefully cut around the grip material on that mark. Work slowly to get a square cut. Now peel away the residual grip tape and clean up the blank surface.


You are now ready to permanently anchor the ends of the tape. You can use black electrical tape then seal it with rod finish or what I found the easiest is to use a band of shrink tubing at each end. Just cut the tubing to the desired length, slide it over the grip tape and carefully heat it with a heat gun. The tape will tight shrink to size.


You are now ready to install your reelseat and foregrip. If you want to use the grip material for the foregrip just repeat the steps.


If you are using cork tape and you end up with some slight ridges from overlapping edges, gently sand down the grip with 150 grit paper or drywall sand screen to remove the ridges.


You are done.


I probably will be doing a demo on this at the workshop if there are enough requests.





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