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Bob Balcombe

Easy repair for Damaged cork Rings

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Repairing Damaged Cork rings On A Grip


Masking Tape ... 1/4 & ½ inch

Utility Knife

Outside Caliper

Cork Reamer

Bonding Agent (Rod Bond)

Radiator Clamps (screw type )

Replacement Cork Rings

Pan for hot water

Cleaning solution of Denatured Alcohol , Water & Liquid Soap

Flat medium file

Dry Wall Sanding Screen

Paper Towels for Clean up



To repair damaged cork rings is quite easy. Decide how many rings have to be replaced.

Next take 1/4 inch masking tape and tape along the glue lines that separate the good cork from the bad cork.

Using a Utility Knife cut along the both glue lines on the bad cork . ( take care not to damage rod blank ) Once the glue lines are cut remove all the damaged cork and clean off all old glue residue.


Now place the cork in the exposed area check for tightness. The cork should fit tight against the original cork.

Taking the calipers measure the diameter of the exposed blank

Now measure the reamer to the diameter on the caliper. Mark the reamer with some tape

With the reamer marked, ream out the hole in the cork to that diameter.

Next take the ½ inch masking tape and make 3 wraps around each of the good cork on the grip.

Using the utility knife cut one side of the replacement cork. Now place the cork in hot boiling water for about 3 minutes. This well help soften the cork so it well slide past the blank.

Now mix your bonding agent and apply it to blank and the good grip cork.

Carefully now place the new cork around the exposed blank and squeeze the cork with your hand and force out all excess bonding agent.

With your cleaning solution clean up around the cork.

Now make 3 wraps of ½ inch masking tape around the new cork. Next place the radiator clamps around the new cork and clamp down snugly.

After the bonding agent has dried remove the clamps and the tape wrapped around the new replacement cork

Next secure the blank in a rod lathe. Withe the flat file, file all 4 side of the replacement cork, Now remove all but one wrap of the masking tap on the original cork. You have now some what 4 corners. Round off these corners. The cork should now almost look round. Remove the last wrap of the masking tape from each end. Now take the Dry Wall sanding screen and with the lathe on power sand cork and finish.

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