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Q: SU1264F & XRA1204-2

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Hi all,


I have absolutely no experience in rod building but my search for a bang for the buck, multi purpose rod got me knocking on this forum.

I am quite confused and slightly frustrated as well, facing diversity of choices yet not finding the rod I am dreaming of. Hope someone here can help me by pointing me a right direction.


The rod, I am hoping to find is for my Abu 6500CS/CL, about 10' length, 1-3Oz.(4 if I can be greedy), cross between my 11'4" 6&bait heaver & 8' Salmon/Steelhead rod.

I want to use it for something as light as perch grub setup to casting 3Oz. bucktail over 8' surf to play with stripers and halibuts.

As I often find myself wandering if I like catching a fish more or watching that lead disappearing over the horizon, casting distance is a crucial factor as well.


Per surf casting I often heard people praising Ron Arra Surf rod, which I truly believe in but am pitifully under budgeted, but also heard good deal of talk going about Rainshadow.

With somewhat tight budget (under $200 for complete rod, around $100 better biggrin.gif ) I could not find any factory built rod but found SU1264F (and possibly 1266F, Is Batson missing 1265F in their catalog?) with a good spec. match.


What I like to know are;

1. How does SU1264(6)F compare with XRA1204-2?

2. With less then $70 blank price for SU1264F, how much more should I expect to spend to have a decent rod built for me.

3. If I attempt to build one myself, what am I going to face with.


Many thanks in advance,

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While I don't have experience with the exact rods you are asking about I built 2 Rainshadow SU1087s this fall. This is their nine foot rod rated 1-4 similar to the 1264. I found this to be a fantastic blank but it was much over rated in the weight it could actualy handle. If you really want it to be able to handle 4 oz you might want to look more closely at the 1266 and ask around some more.

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My thanks to Springer about the caution on Rainshadows weight rating.


What kind of price range should I expect to pay to build a 1266F caster with similar quality parts and what would be the recomendations on parts?


I do not need any fancy wrapping, just a simple solid rod that can stand all the conditions on the surf. Though I would prefer to have cork handle if possible but cork tape, I can live with as well.



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