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Awesome John

Wow what a cast! A dream Come true :)

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I really wanted to share this with everyone.... I am smiling like ear to ear lg_smile.gif


As you may know I am new to conventionals... about 2 maybe 3 years now.... and I had the good fortune to meet some great casters while I was in Texas... and I have also spoken and learned from the wonderful and helpful casting aces on this board "God Bless them all!".. well because of this I caught the casting bug ... but I caught it bad."real bad" . I mean I was practicing 2 hours a day for the last 18 months rain or shine.... then I started modifying my ABU!s.. its been at times very frustrating (I am the birdsnest king!) Went through 2000 yards of mono in one day!


Got 12 stiches in my head, almost burnt off my thumb, and broke a few car windows in the process... about a year ago I broke 200 yards.... with a breakaway "123" a penn 525 mag and 150 grams of lead (about 5 ounces) .... but belive it or not I was not using a full pendulum swing...

it was like a modified Awesome John aerialized sling shot off the ground cast (to save the neighborhood from the wrath and destruction of my off course pendulum swings) I had pretty much given up on the Pendulum and just concentrated on my own sling shot airealized off the ground cast... I was hitting 200 yards and could do it in a crowd without danger so I figured I had hit the peak of my evolution as a caster and "that was it"...


Today I felt like casting.. dont know why.. I was kinda stressed out and casting really helps me calm down and concentrate.. I love sports and the sea and I just love to spend an hour slamming that 150 gram sinker "out there at warp speed" thrilling to see that baby go soooo far soooo fast... today I had this urge to do it right.. ya know really go through the steps with prpper form... but I always had one problem and could not "turn the corner" in the cast... thats where the rod and the torque got the better of my wrists and the casts form would suffer and I would wind up straining...


So today for the first time since I started practicing distance casting I decided to use less than 150 grams and go down to 100 grams "about 3 1/2 ounces" .. its so stupid that I never tried this becfore .. I had brainwashed myself into thinking 5 1/4 ounces was the macho correct way to cast....


I figured that I would use the lesser weight to go through the motions "propperly" and really learn to lock the rod without bullying the very end of the cast sequence....


So its a windy day (crosswind) I figure "what the heck" I go to my deserted spot on the shore and put on the new tiny little practice sinker.. I go through the motions of a cast in slow motion but I do not release the weight... its just a brain warmup.... It feels great cause the lighter weight does not strain my style and I am now turning the corner like the pros I used to watch in Texas..


So I let one rip.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing...

I thought there was something wrong with my reel (I was using a ABU sportmag filled with 14 pound Big Game Supreme) the sound of the spool sounded like it was about to fly off the reel!


I adjusted the tension end caps and noticed that the line level on spool was really low after the cast.. "hey wait a minute I said to myself, that was not such a great cast where did all the line go?"


Next cast again I really lean "propperly" into a full blown pendulum and that sound again zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing... such a High pitch... different to what I am used to hearing.. then I noticed that the line was even lower on the spool more than half of the spool was "out there"...


Okey so now I understand... I am getting more velocity... this little sinker is burning!


oh yeah ! ... I got really excited... I took off the mags down to 1/8th and was ready to slam home my first propper pendulum....


I went through the motions like a golfer before a big fairway drive... I took a deep breath .. said okey God here goes... and I let her fly... This time I did not turn my head back and look up at the rod tip during the back cast the way I usually do, nope this time I just cast "like I knew what I was doing"..


During the first half of the cast in slow motion the rod locked so tight halfway through the cast I could not belive it! I turned the corner perfectly and efortlessly and at the end I could not resist the earge to give it an extra ummmfff..


I could see the sinker flying through the air at amazing speeds... I watched it fly out out and then disapear... I was in awe and then I figured I better thumb the spool before it hit water and I had a "over run".... I looked down on the spool and IT WAS EMPTY!!!!!!


I spooled a sports mag on a power Cast!!!!

I am sure that the cross wind had alot to do with it but I was in heaven... I spool was empty and I reeled in for what seemed like forever until she was full again. ...


Was it a fluke? Next cast same thing!

3rd cast I got carried away and snapped off the leader and lead during the cast ... eek.gif


Well thats got to be some kind of mile stone in a casters life when they spool a 6500 abu on a cast... The books and writings of Ron Arra, Neil McKellows and John Holden showed my the way and my pig headed stuborness and refusal to quit took me along their path for the last 3 years...


Its so tough this conventional distance casting.. takes alot of work... time and patience...


But today I feel like a million bucks!


To tell ya the truth I cant belive I did it..

I am so happy!!!! Its been so hard to endure all those backlashes... but today it was all worth it! heart.gif


[ 08-09-2005, 10:43 AM: Message edited by: Awesome John ]

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Good stuff, John. I'm using my conventional setup every time I throw chunks of bukner or clam. I'm getting better and better at it. Who knows, maybe the next time I "launch it," I'll have the big one!

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I just started using conventional, about 3-4 times out. I suck!!!! I'm averaging about 40-50 yards....which is an awesome cast (for me) with no back lash. Some are 10 yards and about 15 minutes of picking out birds nests.


Maybe I will take your advise and just practice 2 hours a day.

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AJ...wtg...enjoy your stories...


I can relate on several levels w/ you...but the thing that I really have learned in getting that long cast is you have to work your a$$ off for every additional 10 yards you gain...and it takes years to get better at it...


The 6500 Sports Mag I think holds about 250 yards of .35 mm mono line...which is 14# test, the line you were using... Figure the spool was filled and you had a thicker shock leader of 8 yards... I say you hit 230 yards or 690 are in the pro ranks w/ a cast like that! WOW!


Remember, when the Sports Mag first came out...we agreed that reel was perhaps 1 of the longest casters in the 6500 size...and also very forgiving!


Anyway, great casting!



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Thanks for for the kind words gentlemen..


Today destiny is getting cool on me here...




20 pairs of ceramic bearings!


cwm8.gif Muah ha ha ha ha ha into the lab igor brew up the coffee break out the rocket fuel.



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