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Capt. Mike

Stand Up Rods

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I'm about to pick up the materials and start building 4 stand up tuna rods. I'll be fishing 50TWs w/80lb mono on them. As I'm a fairly new builder, I was just wondering if you could offer any insight on the project. I'm planning on using Calstar GF755H or 755XH blanks. I want the final rod to be 6'-6'3" and I'll be using Aftco unibutts (UB2) so I guess I'll be cutting the blanks. Not sure if I'm going to use the heavy duty or wind on guides/tops yet. So I guess the questions I have are: Which blank do you think would work better for this application? Which length might perform better on that blank? Guide spacing? Material/length of foregrip? Tip size? Any other recomendations? Sorry about all the questions but since it's a sizeable investment, I figured I'd ask rather than experiment.





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Hi Capt Mike,


Those are both serious "tuna takers". I have only built on the 755XXH which is a beast. I would go with the 755H which Calstar rates for 80#. The XH may be a little too much blank.


As far as guides, thw "wind on" set up utilizes the HD guides and two sizes of the wind on guides in the smaller sizes. The wind on guides are nothing more than the HD's with a little more knot clearance.

For sizes I believe the sizes are: 51,41,41, 31,31 plus a #12L (large head) roller tip.


You will be mounting them on an Aftco UB-2 uni butts so you will need to trim from the butt to fit the uni butt. Trim slowly until you get a reasonably snug fit. Also heavily score the inside of the male ferrule and then thoroughly degrease. Sand the butt end of the blank with 220 grit paper for a good glue bond. Use a good two part solid epoxy like PC7, U40 Rod Bond or Kardol.


For the foregrip, a 16 inch tapered EVA grip is the way to go. Get the one with the tapered ID for easier installation. I can send you two of these grips if you cannot locate them.


Guide spacing is not difficult since you will not have much blank to work with. The stripper guide should be 5-inches in front of the foregrip and the tipmost guide 5 inches from the tip top. Space out the remaining guides in increasing increments working towards the butt.


You should double overwrap the guides. Follow the wrapping instructions in my tuna stick article in the articles section.




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I know nothing about guide spacing, but check this out.


Go to 2/9/02 and the photo captioned "photo8-CalStar 755XH on a two hundred pounder"


Notice the trend. Heavy rod, tiny reel (30# class), spectra and a 100# topshot, and no belt or harness (fight em like a man huh huh huh!) Cool stuff.


These here are the hottie pics. No 755XH this time, but who cares. Fight em like a hottie.



Lastly, read elsewhere that this guy had a 257#. Cool pic.


On the left.


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