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Trim Wraps

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Hope you hada nice holiday weekend, pal. Gotta get out to your place....SOON!


Anyhow, I was wondering if you could 'teach me' (over the message board) to do a trim wrap at the end of a guide wrap (which has been completed). Strange question, and if you need clarification, please ask.







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Easy. But you still need to come up soon.


You need to wrap with a fair amount of tension to keep the wraps tight. I first take a piece of 400 grit sandpaper and gently dull the finish on the blank where the trim band will go. Clean the area with alcohol and a paper towel. This will give you a better surface for the wrap.


Moistened the area where the trim band will go with a drop of water. This will help the thread from slipping.


Start your trim band tight against the existing underwrap. Use size A thread for your trim bands. Take three turns and insert your tie-off loop and then continue wrapping until your acheive the bandwidth desired.


Cut thread and pull through tie-off loop. Carefully burnish trimband to remove any gaps.


Using a new single-edge razor blade, gently pull on the tag end of the trim band and cut with razor blade close to the wrap.


Double check for any gaps and burnish as needed.


Apply you color sealant and finish as usual.


That's it.





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