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Mullet Miller

Susquehanna Flats Yak Fling

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As it stands right now we have 41( Mokai Guys Included) definites,43with the 2 support boats (tommat & Ladyfish) and 2 unconfirmed. This is all included!!!icon14.gifrolleyes.gif


It Is Becoming Mind Boggling!!!!


This Is Beyond Mind Boggling, It Is Now Approaching Stellar Proportions!!! lg_smile.gif



Restaurant for lunch is The Rendevous in Perryville. They have a large dining area that should accomodate all. Wide range on the menu and claim to have the "Best Crab Cakes". This is located on the back street from the campground.


The list of Participants that I gleened from all threads are as follows;










K ayakRodNReel






O ne More Cast(+3)




Big Luke






Terry Mac




Big Bald Head



Christian White



The 3 Mokai Reps



Striper Swiper



This does not include the offers of support from Ladyfish and tommat, but you guys are to be include for the head count for lunch and whatever other festivities we come up with.


If I missed anyone, please let me know by PM or e-mail. I will PM,to anyone who needs it, my cell phone number for any other questions, I have a Northeast regional plan so it won't cost me to call you guys if you want to ask anything. I'll be heading down to the park with camera in hand Sunday to get a couple shots of the area and the launch site. Porter and I are going to hook up and also try to determine a good meeting place for Saturday morning, and for that case Friday night if anyone is interested.




Here are a couple links to local info for thse that may want a hotel room or other info. vertiserTypeID=1



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Not sure, but I think CSalp said he was coming (actually more like "lookin' forward to it"). You out there CSalp? C'mon, you know you want to.




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Looks like a great turnout. I recall a post where you discussed limited parking at the launch area. How are you guys going to deal with the large group?

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Not limited parking JonS, just a small beach. Only 2-4 boats at a time. If you read a couple of posts down from where you read that, I explained in full. Basically it goes like this:


Pull up


Park 50 yards away on the grass (lots-o-grass)

Come back and rig

Tandem carry 20 yards to launch


No worries, gobs of room to park.



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There should be no parking problems. We may just have to drop the boats at the launch spot and park the vehicles at the stone lot which is only about 150 yards away. There is room along the grass where we will launch, but to keep the peace with the local authorities it might be better to use the lot with this many people coming.


I'll include that in my photo shoot on Sunday.



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OK, this is it, the official run-down, drag-out, full-bore, hard-core explanation and clarification post as well as a pictorial tour of the sights in Perryville, MD. If it aint here, you don't need to know.


These posts (image overload for one, had to do multiples), once you cwm15.gif and cwm15.gif and cwm15.gif them, will be updated as required and as more information is added. The idea is, when you leave home to drive in and meet us, print these posts (not the whole thread) and bring it along. For now, I think we have it all nailed down.


What: The First Annual Susquehanna Flats Kayak Fling

When: Saturday and Sunday, April 6th and 7th. Meet at 7:30am (sorry, park doesn't open 'til then)

Where: Perryville, MD - directions follow


Starting with the assumption that everybody can find I-95, you will be looking for exit #93 to Perryville & Port Deposit. If you are coming from points south, it's about 1/2 hour north of Baltimore, immediately past the $4 toll. If you are coming from points north, it's approximately 1/2 hour south of the Delaware Memorial Bridge (the suspension bridge on the NJ/DE border). The GPS coordinates are 39 degrees, 35.614' North latitude by 76 degrees, 3.939' West Long.


After exiting, proceed to the top of the ramp and turn left (no matter which ramp you took) onto Rt 222 (Perryville Rd). Follow this straight for about 2 miles until you hit a "T" intersection with a Texaco straight in front of you. It should look like this...




Turn left at the stop sign (GPS 39d33.615' N-lat X 76d4.279' W-long) as shown by the red arrows. Proceed less than a half mile to the fire station shown here...




The right arrow points to the station house sign and the left arrow to the sign for Perryville Park. Turn right between those onto the road (GPS 39d33.777' N-lat X 76d3.914' W-long, traced w/ red). Follow this road down about a quarter mile and turn right at the end into the park (GPS 39d33.501 N-lat X 76d3.758 W-long, sorry no picture).




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Once in the park, continue following the road as it winds through the woods. As you enter the clearing, take a left at the fork (keeping close to the water on your left) and drive until you see this spot...




That's Bob's Ranger and my Civic (I may drive my Jeep Wrangler for the fling weekend) in the frame. The whole area outlined in red to the left of the road is available for parking. Here is a reverse angle of the same area...




The launch area is right behind the vehicles. We figure that we can get 15+ cars into that area if we double park them. If we reach overflow capacity, you offload you boat then go back up the road a hair...




The gravel pull-off next to the water on the right and the field on the other side of the road are both fair game for parking. Bob and I will try and hold a large enough area for everyone to rig their boats before launching. Speaking of...




Right down a small hill there on the left is the launch "beach."




At extreme high tide it looks like this (red outline) but normally has a bit more room (green outline). Here it is from the opposite angle...




Darn dog, thinks she's so photogenic ( wink.gif ). In that shot you can see that it's not a big deal to rig at the top of the hill and carry the boats down in groups to launch.


Lunch or dinner will be had at the "Rendezvous" which is about halfway between the park and the campground. Places previously mentioned across the river in Havre de Grace were ruled out 'cause of the $4 toll to cross the bridge. This place is cool and the menu has good depth; everything from a $4.99 burger to $17.99 seafood pasta. According to their menu, they've won "Best Crabcake" in some local competition for several years running. Bob and I are in the process of arranging the meal there, just so they're prepared for a huge influx of wet, fishy people.


As an added bonus, I dropped by Stark Moon Kayaks which is across the river in Havre de Grace, and they're willing to extend a 10% discount to members of our group should you need anything on your trip. They might also provide a couple of freebees for give-aways, but don't hold your breath for those.


The next post has information on camping and some fluff shots just for fun.


I hope I've covered everything. If not, these posts will be continuously edited until they reflect some reasonable degree of accuracy.





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Now, just for you enjoyment, we have some shots of the water taken this morning. This is the cove behind the point...




There's that dog again. Would you believe she just hopped in the car and went home with me? confused.gif It's really skinny in there but it should be full of shad and everything that feeds on them ( icon14.gif ). This shot...




looks across the mouth of the cove to Carpenters Point (marked). From the tip of Perryville Park, standing on the bluffs at the end of the point...




you can see across all of the Susquehanna Flats to Elk Neck State Park.


For people staying at the campground: If you arrive the night before, turn right at the Texaco station (picture above) and follow this road...




until you approach the water. Turn right (here's where the directions get a bit fuzzy but don't worry too much; there's only a couple roads in town) and follow the river (should be on your left now), taking a few jogs in the road, until you pass under a large steel bridge then see this sign on your right...




I'm not sure how well the picture will show, so here's the important information. The name of the place is Riverview Campground and their phone number is 410-642-6200. Apparently they don't open until April 1st but you should be able to make reservations now. This shot looks out across their grounds...




It looks like a fairly nice little place. They even have a little lake in an old quarry. Fishy?


BTW, if you want full size (1Mb +/-) copies of any of the shots above, just PM me and I'll e-mail them over.




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