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Got trolling tips

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I have found I don't know Jack about trolling




When trolling in 15 ft of water your depth finder registers a large 10 ft boulder directly underneath - a.) go over it holding course - potentially hanging up or at least fouling your rig with weed ? b.) hard o port \\ starboard - depending on current. Other options such as ?

c.) speed up ?


Highly erratic depths - boulder field pick average depth ? try and map the field in your head and take it deep ? vary speed ?


How do you work a bar from a kayak. Down current side parrall to bar ? over bar ?


Surface troll poppers wont pop on a troll but ever try it ? any good ? surface swimmers, Danny's ?


spots with good current ? hold to the side out of current and cast as you would from shore ? Take yak trough current on a troll ?


any advice, tips, tricks appreciated.

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Trolling is like any other kind of fishing. You have to try it and figure out what works. I will troll over the boulder and let the lure hit the boulder. I don't use treble hooks when I troll over any rocky or seeweed bottoms. With braided line and a clicker on my reel, if I catch bottom, I can usually get it free. The bass are usually down low so troll low.

I will usually go over a bar instead of parallel to it. Bass sit and wait for free lunch.

Bucktails, TNW and Plastic baits work great, No umbrella rigs for me.


Good Luck and wear a PFD.



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