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Yak Fishin Report

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Weekend Report


Hooked up with my 2 best yak fishing buds for our bi- annual kayak fishing trip to a small

Southeast Mass. Island.In attendence were DougieV,JimW ,Bill ,Dave and Don.

Dave and his father Don were surfcasting and not yak fishing.Boy did they miss out.

Conditions were right for some great fishing.Water temps were in the high 50s and

there was very little swell and a LI Sound chop on the worse day .We are very use to

the LI choppy sloppy.

We hit the water as soon after the ferry with all our gear did.Partly cloudy skys with

little wind was looking great for yak fishing.After a few hours with a bunch of fish I

caught my biggest of the year so far.What a hit.My tube(JoeV kayak special tubes)

got slammed .Line was peeling ,drag was singing and I was grinning.

Well at least for a few seconds.Once I noticed my line was getting into that unused

area I began to worry.I was not even all the way around

yet in the yak and the line is still screaming out .So I get the yak turned to the fish and

start reling my butt off.This fish ended up under the yak in a brutle tug of war with niether

one of us gaining ground.My rod was straining and making noises I never heard before.

After a minute I thought for sure this fish had wrapped around one of the many school

bus sized boulders in the area.Another minute or two of some serious tugging and I

finally got her to start a final fight to the surface .After this heated battle I slowly

got her up and put a hand in her mouth and made the grab.I was pumped and didnt

care if I caught another fish that weekend.It was 45 inches and weighed in at 38 pds.

She had a 27 inch waist.My best so far this year.Joe's day


Jim's night

Well I will let Jim tell the details on his bass 45-46 inches and right around 40pds.

I feel bad for not getting over to give him a hand and take a pic .I thought he had caught/

landed a few and did not realize it was one fish dragging him all over a reef in 2-4 ft

of water for 15 minutes.Got to love them big girls.


Saturday was one of them high pressure clear blue sky days .The fishing was quite poor

for everyone except Bill who got up real early and caught a 40 inch bass.The rest of us

could only muster up a few small fish.Sat. night had brought high winds and rough seas.

Jim and I made a attempt to go out in the dark .We got out into the boulder field and had

a very hard but exciting time trying not to get left on a rock with a wave breaking on it.A

little unnerving but still exciting.After a 1/2 hr we decided to play it safe and call it the night.

Bill went out surfcasting with Doug and caught a 32 incher on a live eel.


Sunday morning

Oh what a morning .Out just before sunrise with the 1/4 moon sitting right there it was pretty.

The fishing was good.It was Dougs time .He manged to catch fish after fish in the 36-40 inch

range while Jim and I could only get into the 36 inch range.Totals for the 3 reg yak guys(Bill is

pretty new to it)were close to 90 bass with a few over 40 inches and lots of fish in the 30-40

inch range and a handful of schoolies.The great thing was with the cool water temps these

fish were fighting real hard.Some of these low 30 inch fish were giving quite a battle.


It was a great weekend and I cant wait to get back in the fall.







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Simply Awesome report and pics..

Just curious, besides the tube and worm and live eels, what else were you guys throwing?

I will be yaking for bass at that same Island this October.




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I've taken a few on past trips on artificials but didn't rig the fly rod this trip. Often conditions are tough to throw flies from the yak up there.


I go with large artificials, big wood, 2-3 oz Hopkins, 8-10 inch flies.


They have never been as effective as eels and tubes.

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Great googily moogily!


Those are some awesome fish! I was on the Cape Cod trip with some KFS gents, and did not luck into anything like the fish you guys did. Congrats, that's what it's all about! biggrin.gif

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