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My Kayak is sinking and they are laughing at me....

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I read with interest the account of the fellow taking a dunking and the resulting severe ordeal he suffered. It happens all the time they say. Here in So Cal this past week there were two posts of similar topic.


I want to say that the post by G-MAn and his willingness to help the downed SINK pilot was a very meritious deed icon14.gif


Read below about what most of the California dopes on the kelp in La Jolla did in a similar situation.



Posted by denno on June 24, 2002 at 17:57:43:


Sunday morning I got a late start, I got in the water @ 6:30am and made bait right past the yellow buoy. while I was slow trolling the edge of the kelp I spotted a kayak capsized a few hundred yards away. There were 5 or 6 other kayaks much closer then I was and only one made an effort to come to the rescue of a fellow downed yakker. I pulled up my line and plano bucket and headed over to see If I could help. Some how this young fisherman had capsized his scupper pro and was hanging on to the hull of the upside-down boat. Each time he tried to enter the cockpit the boat would roll because it had taken on so much water. The kid was tangled up in his lines (he had 3 poles in the water at once)and getting noticably chilled. The other yaker held the kids polls and cut the lines while I was able to pump most of the water from the hull with a small hand bilge pump I keep strapped to my gear box.The boat was half full. Then we stablized his boat and he was able to re-enter. A few things came to mind after this experience.


1) I could NOT BELIEVE no one else tried to help!!!

2) The kid didn't have a PFD with him. For that matter no safety gear at all. No whistle, nothing to bale out water, nothing.

One thing that was good was he never panicked, he kept a clear head and went back in to dry off and warm up afterwards.

I know I preaching to the choir about safety here, there are those of you that will never wear a PFD but if you can aford $7.99 for a jig, you can buy a plastic whistle and carry something to bail water if needed.

On the fishing side of the morning all I cought were slimmers.fillet & release,


_________________________________ ___________


And another instance of Yakster in trouble.

________________________________________ _____


Posted by docholiday81 on June 25, 2002 at 16:40:12:


What a learning experience. first time outside a bay. beautiful day hit water at 1045 and flipped in surf. made it out on second try. 1/2 way to the edge of reserve i flipped again. self rescued. got to kelp and went tied on a fish trap. while doing that a wasp liked my orange explorer and i hate wasps. in the water again. i lost count of the number of times i made it back on the yak only to flip over once i thought i had it.

Thankyou to the guy who held my yak while i tried to clamor on board must have been a great laugh.


caught somehting red that was a fish. think its a grouper. about a foot long, released. had an air bladder on its ventral side that gave it a little problem getting going.

dry landing, thanks to advice from board.



\ nSharp1 repost over


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Thanks Sharp.


Hmm, I just now realized your out on the west coast. That explains why you post so late. I, on the other hand, have no good reason to be up this frickin late.


Ya know I just got my kayak last October. It was the west coast kayak internet sites that inspired me. Talked a few times with Spike at CKF. Only this spring have I connected with sites on the East coast, which I enjoy.


Ever hear or read about the Sunami kayakers?

High adventure kayakers from CA. I read a book about them last fall, also inspired me.

There's more to kayaking than fishing isn't there?

Hey, I'm tired.

Take Care


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Tsunami Rangers, I don't know if they fish, though. wink.gif


Sharp, a couple good points there. First, it sucks if you don't lend assistance, and second, I only know of one guy with a SOT who carries a pump with him all the time, and I think that's only because he had to borrow mine once and found one a week later.


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