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I shared with you all my fun filled first attempt at yak fishing.

I have since ordered the Blk Rk pants & jkt along with a pair of paddle shoes from NRS.

I've already bought the outfit, but any comments from those familiar with the line would be appreciated.

As for re-entry from the water.........

when I dumped, i just couldn't get back in the yak.

Granted , my waders were full of water, but I just couldn't get the right leverage to get back in.

Strength is not a problem for me.

Can you share w/me any tips or tricks you have learned for getting back in.

I have a feeling this is a talent I should learn well!!




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D.B. This is the way I was taught and it works pretty well for me. After going over and presuming the yak is upside down, determine which end is the bow or front. I then position myself just forward of where the seat is and reach across the bottom of the yak to the opposite side. Get a good grip on the side of the yak and pull it up and toward you to right it. Once the yak is upright I pull myself up across the yak on my belly, I the squirm around so I am facing the rear but still prone. The next movement is to roll yourself 180 and you should be facing forward near the seat. Your best bet is to practice this many times in shallow calm water until you are comfortable. I am assuming you have a sit-on-top, and I use this technigue with an ocean kayak scupper pro. Good luck, Dave

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As for the Blk Rock pants... I would return them. I have a similar pair that I have never worn. It's not that there not good pants, they're just not the kind of bottoms you want to wear. Your much better suited with breathable, stocking foot waders, dive boots and a dry top or slash top. Unless you get pants with latex gaskets, which are a nightmare, they don't keep out water. Buy some breathables with stocking feet and you're dry. If you want some Patagonia breathables for $180 instead of the usual $300, PM me and I'll tell you how to get em.

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DAS - I totally agree with Oz. Also nowhere on this site did anyone reccomend kayaking pants and the Black Rock pants are kayaking pants. Kayaking tops are great and the Black Rock is an excellent one. The kayaking pants are designed for white water yakers who have skirts on. They are not using SOT kayaks. It is a totally different application.


The 2 best choices are breathable STOCKINGFOOT waders or a wetsuit. Bootfoots are not reccomended but some people use them. The reasons are that they fill up with water. Sound familiar? biggrin.gif I prefer the waders. Right now the Orvis STOCKINGFOOT breathables are on sale. Details on the Main Board. From a pure safety standpoint the wetsuit is the best.


Your problem with getting back in the kayak is totally due to the waders being filled with water.

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Wsthavndave, thanks for the info.

I don't know how I righted it when I dumped.

I think I just pushed real hard on the side directly above me to right it.

When you say reach over to the other side and pull, assume you mean to reach over the hull, which is now on top,and flip it upright.

Makes sense.

So does practicing in shallow water.

Jon already made that suggestion to me but I've been too busy trying to do it all in 2days!

Guess I'm too eager about the Fall run!!


JonS & Oz,

OK! OK! You've made a believer out of me!!!

Back go the pants and I'll get the breathables!!

The pants just seemed like the right way to go seeing as how they have the neoprene waist to keep water out.

That means the boots go back to since they probably won't fit over the stockingfoot!

Boy this is fun!!!!!

Maybe by January I'll be properly attired and I can sit in the yak, in the garage, and dream of the Spring run!!!!!


I realy appreciate all your help gyz!

Mike biggrin.gif

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