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thank God it was a false alarm

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I was fluke fishing in Raritan Bay pretty far out past the number 3 buoy. I heard what sounded like an air horn and someone shouting from the area around pebble beach but I could not see a boat or Yak in that area and went back to fishing. A few minutes later, from the corner of my eye I saw a red flare hit the water. I could still not see anything from the area near the flare but I was far out into the bay and thought it might have come from a small boat or yak close to shore. I had just done a radio check on my hand held VHF and found the batteries dead. I decided to flag down a boat to have them check out the situation. I saw a party boat coming out of Keyport and decided to intersect with it and flag it down I got very close to the boat the "Brooklyn" and started waving my arms padle and blowing my whistle. Th boat went right by and kept on going. I find it almost impossible to believe that the Capt or crew did not see me or hear me. The conditions were calm. I paddled over to a guy in a small boat who said that he thought it wasn"t a flare but some kids messing around with a red roman candle on shore. I while later he was confirmed to be right when the kids shot off another candle (blue). I was really pissed that the Brooklyn didn't stop, I thought that it was a coast guard requirement to stop. I was alittle embarrased that it was a false alarm, but thought I did the right thing in checking it out specially since I have seen several other yakers near Pebble Beach recently. I was afraid that somebody may have hooked themselves bad with a treble hook or had some other problem. I learned you can't count on anyone else to help you out there. TOMH

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