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Politically correct. NOT!!!

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It is comforting to see that none of us here, that I know of, get our knickers in a twist when we here the words "Merry Christmas".smile.gif

For God's sake, who's birthday is it a celebration of anyway!!!!

There are those who want to practice their "right" to free speech, teach our children in graphic terms how gay couples "make love", not allow a prayer (non-denominational)at ball games, refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance before classes begin(upper westside school district in NY,

don't want a Christmas tree put up on public proper etc, etc, etc!cwm23.gif


These same "protectors of individual rights"

go through the roof when they hear those wonderful words...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Leave religion out of it if you want to.

It's a celebration of an incredible figure in human history and a time to let those you love know it if you don't on a regular basis.

So, again I say to all of you,MERRY CHRISTMAS!

and to those that don't like it..............



PS....Watch yourselves on the roads tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!


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hey dasboot, why is "right" in quotes?

and don't be sure that all "of us here'' agree with all (or even any) of what you were saying, whatever that was.


And Merry Christmas from a guy who thinks there shouldn't be prayer at ball games and that people have right to refuse to say the pledge of allegiance, believes there are excellent and well-founded constitutional reasons for not allowing Christmas displays on public property and who thinks you are homophobically hallicunating "those...who teach our children in graphic terms how gay couples "make love." ''




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Sounds like you had a tough day, Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year to all. We 're not all going to agree on everything but it's certainly safe to wish each other all health and good cheer.


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To get totally off the kayak fishing topic: I'm with DAS. I have no problem with tolerance for all, but PC has a very specific agenda and it is very intolerant. It is an indoctrination process which is highly discriminatory toward values that many of us hold dear.


Back to kayak fishing: It would be the same as only allowing us to discuss inferior kayak manufacturers with leaky boats. We would never be allowed to say they were inferior. That would be seen as discrimination. At the same time we would be banned from discussing boats which we found superior. We wouldn't be able to talk publically about boats that had seen us through many successful fishing trips and gotten us home in the foulest of weather weather.


All kayaks are created equal until you put them in the water.

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Actually, I've had quite a nice day!

It's just that I hear so much about tolerance from certain sectors of our society and yet those same people are the first to jump down your throat if your views don't match theirs.


You certainly do have a right not to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

But for the life of me, I can't imagine why any true lover of this country would not do so proudly.

Do you have a problem with saying it?

If so, please let us know why!

Why are you so ready to go to the extreme of using the U.S.CONSTITUTION to eliminate a Christmas tree from a public square.

Are you just as resentful of a Manorah or a symbol of Kwanza?

What is it in the concept of Christmas that appears to bother, or frighten, you so much??

As to "homophobic hallucinating", within the hallowed walls of academia, of which I am a part, there is a concerted effort to embrace,if not advocate, ALL types of behaviour.

NOTHING is considered abhorrent.

NOTHING is considered wrong.

"It all depends on what your meaning of "is" is".

Sound familiar?

Be gay!!

Enjoy the gay life!!!

Be straight and enjoy that life!!

Why is every type of sex protection is taught except the one that really works 100%........ABSTINANCE!

Perhaps that takes to much discipline and self control and God(sorry) knows, we can't go about advocating THAT!!!!

This is coming from someone who has tried to get everything known to man in my younger days!!!!

I just think if Jennifer is gonna have 2 mommies, she oughta learn about it at home.

And what is your objection to a moment of silent reflection at a ballgame or before the start of a school day?

The word "right" is in parenthesis because many in this society consider it a right to voice your opinion ONLY if you agree with them.

We are a country of freedoms.

But, like all freedom comes a level of responsibility.

Do I have the "right" to let dozens of homeless folks camp out on my front lawn regardless of the potential health issues or complaints from the neighbors?

Are you now poised at your keyboard to label what I just said "homelessphobic hallucinating"?

I welcome opposing views to what I have said here.

But back them up with reasoning!

A safe New Years to all!!

You 2 SteveL!!!biggrin.gif





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Now I can appreciate your nickname!

I went to the IGFM in Dania and saw the wonderful sketches drawn by Guy Harvey.

He has illustrated every moment in that great novel and it is really a sight to behold.

Have you seen it?

Sounds top me you earned the title.

I can't wait to be dragged out to sea by some pissed off leviathAn!!!

Be well!


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Guys, Can we move the semantics, religion, and politics to the town forum. It seems to be a better board for these controversial subjects. You will get much more debate on your subjects there. Thanks, Dave

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exellent topic! What ever happened to being an individual. Seems these extremeists forgot they can be different from everyone else. No one is forcing people to do anything, if you don't like it, don't do it. Just leave the people who do like it alone to do what they please.

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From the looks of the responses, some of us might be fishing alone from now on!!biggrin.gif

It's typical though.

Avoid those that may challenge your beliefs!

And another thing.......

Just kidding!biggrin.gif

Only fish talk here!

I promised to play nice!!!!


HERE WE COME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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