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Kauai/Oahu - 3weeks time - species + guide/charter recommendations pls

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Hi all,


I've read a number of threads here - but can't find many charter recommendations for Kauai/Oahu (I think most have been PM'd recommendations).


I am also looking for a bit of advice on what to target.


All help appreciated!!


Some input - I am conscious this is going to sound very "precious" - I really don't know how to say it any other way - just being honest. I only have one shot in a miles away place.


I like to have fun fishing, I trolled for tuna once, hit a small one on a spreader rig. It didn't feel like my fish - I was next on the rod when it bit that's all. Also reeling it in - was a bit like winding in a slab (it was hard - but it was very straightforward - not a lot of play). I don't know if this was the equipment choice or the spreader or what. Is it a bit boring? I hear others saying Tuna fishing is a blast!


By contrast, I liked casting into a stripers or bluefish and the play there. Or jigging/bottom fishing for sea bass...


I'd like bigger fish if they have the the play.


I think, it being hawaii, I'd like to feel like I was there (as opposed to just at sea anywhere) - so a nice backdrop/setting would be a bonus.  Flats or nearer shore seem nice. Do the charters go far out?


My thoughts:


Bonefishing in flats - beautiful setting, interactive - don't know much about them (not a species that i'd heard of)


Mahi Mahi - great play - is it purely trolling?


GT/Ulua - bucket list fish + great play from what I've seen - flats or troll ?


Tuna - is it fun? Am i missing something - did I just have a bad experience?


Marlin - don't know much about these as an experience - seem a big hawaii target?


As i said a bit precious - sorry


Any advice on my thoughts and recommendations for charters/guides to go with it  - greatly, greatly appreciated!



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I was there 7 years ago. Took a boat out with a friend and a couple buddies on Oahu. We got 3 mahi 2 wahoo and an uula. I was on Kauai for 7 days I fished the shore line caught a moi parrotfish etc. I was using a 36" leader with a #6 hook 1"curlytail grub. and a 1oz egg lead. On Oahu kastmasters worked great for barracuda in the harbors and off the beaches.


Motor oil and Firecracker were the color grubs I used.




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Thanks for the replies


Decided I am going to go for the offshore trolling - the fish just look amazing and i've been reading a bit more about the fun/chaos involved in a good trolling trip.


I might take my gear for some "whipping" too.


Any more charter recommendations and/or feedback on Nemesis? I think I'll go from Kauai as my time there is closer to the full moon.


All help appreciated



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