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Maiden voyage

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I picked up my new Tourer from "you know who" (YKW) and we went to a local lake for us to get aquainted. We pulled up near the lake in the parking lot and I learned my first lesson. Don't park in the space next to your buddy's car that is carrying a yak too. Park in the next space over so you can take the yak off the top and put it in the parking space between the two of you, duh. We put on our stuff and YKW showed me how to get in and I tried to do the same thing. Well, it wasn't EXACTLY the same and I guess my arse wasn't as deep into the seat as head and I guess I learned about stability (the lack of) first hand and I started to tip over the opposite side once my feet were pulled in. I quickly stuck my hand down to catch myself on the launch ramp and I was reminded that I should have cinched the wrist straps, which I forgot. smile.gif Then I spent the next couple of minutes keeping my head over my arse and found that the yak was pretty stable under those conditions.


So, with those quick lessons behind me, off we went towards a beach on the far side of the lake. There, YKW showed me how to reenter my yak and I practiced that once or twice in shallow water. After that, off we go again into the wind and a couple of pointers on my paddling style (or lack thereof). Now, I was able to paddle with less corrections or over-corrections and was tracking a pretty straight line in wind. Then, back to the beach next to the starting point and now I wanted to see how I would float with my PFD and practice re-entry again. Stepped into deeper water and leaned forward to start to float. Felt the air rushing from my waders past my neck and the cold water through my waders and jeans inside. Felt the cold water starting to wrap around my chest and then I felt wetness (cold wetness, not warm) and then I realized I just had another lesson. Gotta cinch that waist band around REAL TIGHT. icon15.gif We waded back to the start point and called it quits.


Overall, a few self taught lessons and a few pointers from YKW.


Oh, Das, I can see how you could nail yourself and knock your GPS/FF into the water as you swing yourself around, do your pushup, and roll resulting in wet equipment and Mickey Mouse talk.


The Dark Side is not that bad!!! Actually, it's very enjoyable! Can't wait till tomorrow (weather permitting) to get more practice and eventually casting a few lures.



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Nice report. may I make a suggestion? If you are going to wear waders, do not wear anything cotton underneith. Not jeans, not a sweatshirt. They have no insulative properties when wet and soak-up a ton of water. Fleece is the way to go. Wool and poly fleece.


Congrats on the outing. You accomplished a lot for your first time out.


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Welcome to the ranks!!!

There is a definite system to all of this can only be assimilated via time on the water.

Having the right clothing is just part of the process.

All the little things that will make you a comfortable yaker & an efficient fisherman take some time to work out.

Things like how and where to tether rods, pliers,Boga Grip,what should I put in the storage bay behind the seat for easy access.

Yesterday, my lesson for the day was: Don't open the center hatch, even carefully, with a lap full of stripped fly line.

As soon as the lip came off, the line flew in there and proceeded to wrap itself around my camera, cell phone, fly pouch and SEAL knife!!!

I couldn't have tangled it that much if I had spent an hour trying to do so!!

Kinda like how nuts & bolts immediately spring to life and run into hiding as soon as you drop one, never to be found again.

These things take on a life of their own when allowed to through our carelessness.

Anyway, it wouldn't be any fun if this were too easy, now would it?

Looking forward to hittin' the suds w/u Ed.


Good advice on the cotton wear.

On Sat, I spent the entire day in my "john" with only a fleece top.



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