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Got My Tog Candy!

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Finally had an afternoon that hit 70 degrees so I stopped at one of my fiddler holes on the way home. Hit the jackpot! They were out in force and I caught a couple hundred.

Now I just need some time and decent weather to go Toggin with my favorite inshore bait.

I took some pictures and couple short videos of running around the mud and putting them away.




Here are the videos and links.









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Originally Posted by jetskibrian View Post

Good luck to the eagles, the cat is a 17 pound main coon. He dragged a full size rabbit into the house the other day.

coon cats are pretty cool...We had one that lived almost 20 years. She was a giant even for coon cats...Her paws were as large as three of my fat fingers side by side. She would stalk and attack white tail bucks. Creep up on them and jump on their back....She never took one down, but I seriously doubt an eagle would make an easy meal of her. She could jump 10ft straight up in the air, no exageration. We had a book case that was 10 ft tall and she would stand in front of it gauging her jump for a full 2 or 3 minutes, then foom....there she was up on top. It was her favorite resting spot away from teh commotion. She weighed almost 25 lbs.


My other favorite cats are siamese. We've had a few of those too. Our first when she was 17 years old stood off (sat down and growled at) a german shepheard which decided maybe it would be best to go find somewhere else to wander.

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