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Its all about the adventure......This is where I fish....And these are what we catch all day long.

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To me its all about fishing places that haven't see anglers in years or in some cases decades. And in NJ, that has become increasingly difficult. Find one however and The results pay off. Two years ago I named this place the Lake Pond River Thing.


2 years ago when I first discovered it. I fished the hell out of it for 5 days straight in august, and all I was rewarded with was a 3" bass. I knew it would produce it was just too perfect. Lilly pads, sunken trees, clouds of bait.....Just no fish??? So I put it on my springtime list said nothing to noone about it and went about my business. Last spiring I brought sudsy....telling him I had a bass mecca I wanted to show em. He obliged...not knowing I never caught a fish there....And 13 fish over 4 pounds later (2 over 7) I let him in on my little white lie......


Fast forward to Today...Happy Easter y'all


I went 8 for 8 with 1 fish under 3 pounds.


Jim R went 1 for 2 with two very quality fish. And the one that he pulled the hook out of would easily go six with roe.


Good times as always.


Wind 5-15 (different directions)

Air Temp 40-48

water temps ...numbing



Spring 2013 river largemouth











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