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Big Boys Don't Cry.

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Big boys don't cry


Unfortunately, yesterday I had to attend the funeral of my niece, Amber.


Amber was only twenty years young when struck suddenly by an asthma attack while shopping at the local mall with a friend.


She was noisy, vocal and stood up for herself, but she was everybody's friend and had a large group of close friends for the local church group. Over 100 of these friends attended the funeral.


I have one outstanding memory of Amber that happened when she was only about six or seven. We had just finished Christmas lunch, which is always at my place, and as we were walking out of the front door Amber realized she had not yet given me my goodbye hugs and kisses. In her haste she swung around to run to me but I was only one step behind her. Being only 3 feet tall at the time Ambers face buried itself into my stomach and she bounced backwards back out the front door. First there was shock as she was unsure what just happened, then laughter as she now knew what had happened. Standing there with her hand over her mouth, a small trickle of blood appeared on the chin, and then the comment "Uncle Mark, you broke me" and the cutest grim you could ever want to see.


That is what I will remember of our little Amber. She lives on in my heart.


As I was saying, big boys don't cry, well that's a load of baloney. It doesn't take much to start if all off. With the girls already in full howl, a few guys, and these guys are all in the late teens and early twenties, were really struggling to keep their composure. As the congregation was asked to place flowers on the coffin it became too much for so many. Me included. I think you need to let go of your pride and show your feelings on occasions like this, as nobody will think anything of it, and nobody did. I have never seen so many young men open their hearts and just let go. It was in the end quite an uplifting feeling for most of the crowd.


Amber, Fly High, Fly Safe.


Your Uncle Mark

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When you are born, you cry and everybody else rejoices . When you die, everybody cry's and you rejoice .


Joy for her, prayers for you.

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