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Neck Light/Whistle How To

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As the season starts to approach i found myself replacing batteries and making some new neck lights for this year, theres been a few threads on here about the neck lights and rigging.


This is my method that I use on all my lights whether its small pen light for changing plugs or a hi powered light used for spotting.


You dont need much to set these up.


good waterproof neck light, this one happens to be a princeton tec 130 lumens spot light


high quality electric tape


peal less plastic rescue whistle


surgical tubing


zip ties






start by cutting the tubing to length, make sure your standing up when you cut test fit it.


next step is to attach the whistle to the light, this one I was able to use a small zip tie thru the base of the whistle and around the clip on the light, sometimes you just have to secure the whistle with tape. make sure NOT to cover the vents on the whistle!




next step is to attach the tubing, the reason behind the surgical tubing is it wont swing around like a show lace or string, the weight and tackiness of the tubing does a great job of keeping the light in place on your body. I do a few smaller pieces of electrical tape to hold the tubing in place against the light. once the tubing is secure, start wrapping the tape tightly around the light, working your way to the top of the light, being sure to keep the tubing as straight as possible.




After its all wrapped, I make sure to give the whistle body additional wraps, its only tape so i would rather have some extra tape than not enough, again making sure not to cover the vents on the whistle.




This is the finished product, a highly functioning neck light with a rescue whistle attached, the whistle is great in case you need to get someones attention in an emergency, i also hold the light in my mouth by the whistle, it takes a lot get the whistle to make a sound so its not an issue holding in your teeth while changing plugs, its also nice while deep wading or swimming to a rock, frees up your hands.


hope this helps someone this season.


Tight Lines


Chris "Chef" Blouin



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