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Back fro PR

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I wish that I had lots of fish pics to show you guys but alas, I don't. The reason is that the fish didn't cooperate. I'll get to that soon. PR has incredible potential for kayak fishing. Both in the salt and the fresh. Our first stop was in the Guanica area where the place we were staying at had app. 25 kayaks. Our first sojurn was in kayaks designed by the proprietor Paul. They were a rounded hull and similar to a Scupper, tippier but much faster. Having not been in a yak in almost 2 months it took me a while to feel comfortable in them. The were fast and we ran into a school of small jacks and then we went through a mangrove creek to a lagoon. I say a school of small snook all in the teen to 20" or so range and we saw lots of bait. We hadn't brought tackle as we weren't sure about which yaks we'd be using. We did a bunch of exploring and then the wind came up. Joey went north to visit a friend who was attendinig a clinic there so I relaxed and watch the football games. It rained hard that night. We were staying in a dry forest during the dry season. NOt a good sign. When we got out the next we didn't take the previous days yaks as we concluded that they weren't stable enough. There was a perception that Joey (there was only one) took and the other choices were varied but most were too tippy so I settled on a Cobra Tandem. Its a FnD without the storage. We fished until the wind came up and I ended up with only 2 Lizard fish. In the afternoon we took out a couple of OK racing yaks. They were 16'10" and very fast. They were built in NZ. We tried to go snorkeling but the wind was too strong. If the wind had cooperated we wanted to fish on the other side of the barrier reef and at least try for cudas and jacks. NO DOING.

So we took off early to hit Marksharky's secret spot. That resort had 5 OK Malibu 2s which performed well. All were in lousy shape with broken eyelettes, connectors, etc. All but the pink one leaked too. I had to drain the yak before each use.


While it was still AM and the wind was gentle I wanted to get on the water. JOey wanted to shop and settle in so we didn't hit the water until early afternoon. I gave Marky a call to confirm where to go and I also called Polo (cobrakayaker) as he was to arrive later that day. Turns out he was having flight problems and never did make it. We did some exploring and prepared for the next day's calm morning hours to hit it. We separated to cover more water and I saw a big splash beyond JOey. I was about to call him on the walkie when he called to say that he just lost a nice Tarpon and had hooked another. So I raced over there to see him have a tarpon leap and throw his lure. I hooked up briefly and then that was it. I saw one tarpon cruising but then nada. Not until the last morning did either of us hook another fish and it was me and it was a baby against the mangroves. Sometimes we'd see a fish or two but that was it. I caught one more lizard fish and ended up with 3 for the trip.


We didn't have the ability to travel with kayaks so we were essentially limited. We did cross the road of the pennisula one AM and fished the other side and explored a creek into a large lagoon. I saw 2 tarpon there but the wind and rain didn't cooperate and the lagoon was too shallow.


Joey made 2 more trips to visit his friend so one of the days I hiked to the end of the pennisula and then hiked back along the water exploring. That's when I had discovered the creek. From the creek to my out spot I had to swim the last 150 yards or so as the bottom was too soft to walk on. It was a fun excursion. The next tme Joey went visiting I tried an afternoon session on the water but nada and then the wind came up.


That first AM at this spot fooled Joey that anytime thngs could significantly change. He felt that it might have been an off AM and a group of fish could move in at any time. Its very understandable. I felt that the spot wasn't really happening and felt that we ought to explore and do some reconnasance of some nearby regions. Between where we were now and had been was an area with over 8 miles of mangrove estuaries that were very extensive. The town was also known as a sport fishing center and we were told that there were lots of lagoons, etc. there. Internet research before the trip didn't show any places to rent kayaks. Eventually we learned that there were many places to rent yaks but this was only learned first hand as they didn't advertize.


In conclusion, PR is neat and the potential for kayak fishing is tremedous. It has over 20 lagos (lakes) which are actually resivoirs, as PR doesn't have any natural lakes. They all have FLorida strain largemouths in them and the island record is currently 14 pounds. They aren't really fished for. Several of the lagos also have Pea**** Bass. I will be back to really check it out. I will have kayaks set up for fishing and I'll be mobile so I can do a lot of exploring. Its inexpensive to rent a house for a month and its going to take at least that long to explore. Getting there is so easy. Its less than a 4 hour flight from the NY metro airports. Also its basically the states and very civilized but there's lots of areas to get away and explore. Going to a supermarket was like shopping here.


I'm not sure when I'll be returning but it should be before the year is out. When the finances allow it I'll be there. It was a great experience despite no fish. Determining which shorts and shirt to wear was very nice after the hard winter we're having. Even though I wore spf 45 all week I have a tan now






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Sorry for the tough fishing, but that's the way it goes.


I've fished a bunch of tmes for tarpon in San Juan lagoon, right behind the airport. It is not the prettiest place(in fact it stinks a bit like sewage, probably for good reason), but the lagoon is STUFFED with tarpon. I became friend with my guide there and we keep in touch. If there is anyone that could help you out in that area it's him. He runs 2 flats boats and 35' Bertram. Aside from the lagoon for tarpon he does offshore and trips to Culabra for bonefish. YOu might be able to discuss mothership type stuff with him. He's a great guy.


His site is Let me know if you want me to give him a call.

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