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If you post in this thread, you are agreeing to these guidelines:

1. Please keep the pictures in good taste, appropriate for both men and women, respectful of both men and women, and appropriate for public display on a fishing website that welcomes members from 13 years old and up. If the picture you are planning to post is likely to cause someone embarrassment if their wife or husband or daughter or boss or child should happen to look at their computer - then do not post it.

2. Please keep the pictures relatively random - I don't want to decide for you what that number is, but I also don't want to see an entire page of the same thing in a random images thread.

3. Forum leaders and administrators may remove a picture that they feel is inappropriate - it may be removed with or without notification to the poster - if you feel your picture was removed unnecessarily - contact me in private, supply me with the image or a link to the image -- I will make a judgment call. **At no time will anyone be allowed to publicly question administrative actions in this thread - read that again please.

4. There won't be any repeated public warnings - you may or may not receive any warning - the rules are clear, we've been over this before, if you are unsure whether something is appropriate or not, simply do not post it.

If you have read the above and agree to these terms - then please enjoy this thread. If you do not agree with those terms, don't post in this thread. Thanks smile.gif



a hay bale is random wink.gif


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BTW, regarding the hotties, it's (mostly) all good. I consider it like viewing fine art. I do tend to favor brunettes though, without the hardware, ink, or bolt-on's.icon14.gifsmile.gif

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