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Good but frustrating day

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I got out on the water early this gorgeous morning going towards the mud flats at Manhasset Bay. Coming out of my launch site and rounding the corner of the town dock, I trolled up my first cocktail blue of the day. I thought this would be a good sign. I continued towards the mud flats and as I was dodging all the mooring buoys I snagged one of the lines. As I paddled back, and reached underneath to see if I could grab my Mega Bait, I felt the line shake! Much to my surprise, I found that found another blue that had wrapped itself around the mooring line with my Mega Bail. For the next half an hour or so, what seemed to be an eternity, I freed my lure and the fish. On the way over to the mud flats, I saw a couple of boats trolling around in circles near the boat channel and made a note to come back to the spot. Finally, I got to the mud flats and found some birds diving along the shoreline. Casted towards the birds for half an hour and had no hits. Drifted out with the tide and casted for another half an hour hitless before I bagged the idea.


Switched to my 5" Yozuri Crystal Minnow and went back to the spot where the boats were trolling and as I drifted past the channel marker, I had 2 hits and no fish. Drifted past the marker by about 100 yards and I paddled back to begin another drift. Started the drift and had another few hits and no fish! Shucks! Started another drift and threw out the drift sock to slowdown. Had a total of seven hits in less than one hour and no fish! Switched over to my tins and started throwing my Hopkins No-eql for a few more hits but no hookup! Switched back to my Mega Bait and I was able to scare up another hookup as I was drifting past a sailboat and I had to crank my lure back in very quickly before I would snag another mooring line.


When the day was done, I had 16 hits and three fish. Very frustrating as the hits were not as solid as what you would expect from cocktail blues. Many times, above lure would just stop dead, or you would feel a bump and then nothing. I had several other fish up on the water right at the boat only to have them fall off the hook before I can land them. Oh well, maybe better luck on July 4 or next weekend!


Anyone care to join me?

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