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Brett C.

I also need help with a yak

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I've read this forum for a while, and you all seem very helpful so I was hoping for your advice. I started fly fishing last spring, I'm an addict like everyone else, and a yak seems like the natural progression in the addiction. I'm 5' 7'', 160 lbs. I'm stationed in Newport RI so I would be fly fishing flats, estuaries, the bay, and the surf. I've only been in a kayak a handful of times, never fishing though. From what I have read, I am leaning towards SOT. Any advice on models, where to go to find deals/used yaks, and general beginner advice would be great, please just lay it on me! Thanks in advance everyone!

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Welcome aboard Brett!


You are very light, so almost ANY kayak would be suitable for you.

There are more "Scupper Pro TW" kayaks (by Ocean Kayak) in the water, fishing, than all other models combined. It would be a good point of reference for you, and you could compare other models against it.


There seems to be an emotional element in the selection process, and everyone (or ALMOST everyone) seems to think THEIR choice is the best for EVERYONE. Pungo owners are fiercely loyal. Tarpon owners think THEIR choice is the best. Hobie owners think both of them are dumb children, and THEY have the ultimate ride. They can't ALL be right ...or CAN they?


The truth is, there is NO "universal best". I am almost twice your weight, and what suits you would be a TERRIBLE choice for me. If you got what I have, it would be much slower than what you COULD have bought. You just have to do your homework.


First, stick with a name brand. Ocean Kayak invented the SOT design. Wilderness Systems makes an excellent product. Hobie Outback is a pioneer in pedal-drive, but co$t$ more than the others.


As a very general rule, the narrower your yak is, the faster it is. The longer it is, the faster it is. The trade off is stability. Too narrow and it's "tippy". Too long is unwieldy. Different hull designs make some the same length go different speeds. Ditto Width.


In the end, you have to PADDLE anything you are thinking of buying. After all, YOU are the only person it has to please.


Dealers are not exactly unbiased. You can beleive them 100% when they recommend something they DON'T sell, but otherwise you risk having the recommendation based on inventory, or markup



Good Luck!



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