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Emotion Kayaks

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Emotion is a new company that was formed this past summer. They are based in PA and their kayaks will be manufactured and warehoused in PA.


Fisherman: Here's what I do know. The yak will be 14' by 29" with a weight set at under 50#s. It will come with 2 sailboat large rectangular hatches. On up front and one in the cockpit area. The one up front has enough interior room to store a Roleez, balloon tire kayak cart. The hatches have two toggles on them and are hinged. They are deck hatches and designed to be walked on. The cockpit one is designed to double as a standing platform. There's to be 4 incorporated handles in the yak. Bow and stern, then two in the cockpit. A paddle bungee on either side. Behind the seat will be a tankwell which will accommodate a milk crate and it will have a recessed center for a 5 gallon bucket (this will allow a bait tank system). Along the sides of the tankwell it will be flat and reinforced to accommodate the mounting of rod holders or aftermarket outriggers. There will be enough room for a rectangular hatch behind the tankwell which won't be standard but availble. One could have added by the dealer or install a hatch themselves. The kayak is designed to have a rudder and it can order it factory installed or added later. Colors will be yellow with black hatches or beige/tan/khaki with the hatches matching the kayak. The cockpit is designed to handle a 36" inseam and wider butts, and has a drainage designed seat to pull water forward to the scuppers. In the forward part of the kayak is an area to mount electronics, etc. and will readily accept RAM ball mounts. The edge of the kayak form the forward cockpit on up towards the bow is beveled to easily accept straight flush mount rod holders for easy trolling. The seat area has a rounded edge to allow for side saddle seating without a ridge/edge so legs won't recieve pressure and loose circulation. Price range is $699 without and $849 with rudder. The kayak will be both manufactured and warehoused in PA.


Nothing is perfect and you can't have a perfect fishing kayak however the Fisherman will have many features incorporated into one kayak that haven't been in a kayak before. It is a no compromise fishing kayak. We've tried to think of everything that's feasible and allow for individual customization. Since its only one kayak it isn't going to please everyone. Some people want a longer yak, some shorter, some wider and some narrower.


Emotion will have 3 other kayaks as well. A smaller one in the Frenzy class but with lots of features. A tandem and then the Excellerator.


The Excellerator is similar to a Cobra Explorer but much improved so it should also be a great fishing yak. It will have a longer cockpit so it will handle inseams to 34" or more. Drainage seat, 4 built in handles, a beveled edge, a center 10" round hatch, and a milk crate tankwell. The hull is different and should be quieter and faster.


That's it for now.




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