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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel this morning

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Hi All,


Well, I got to launch the kayak out at the CBBT this morning at about 6:30. I launched from Alexander's by the Bay resturant. Stopped off at my favorite spot for some bait fish hoping for a few flounder today before launching. So I launched and trolled a tube lure until I got to the bridge. No hits on the the tube lure. I switched to a bucktail and a bait fish and cast it for a while. Not luck, so I went for the fly rod. The first cast was with a clouser, green over pink with silver flash. The first strip in, wham, a nice schoolie striper. Nice little pullage. So I went after another. No luck. So after a few more cast, I changed to the spining rod. Put on a fresh gugden, cast it out, reel , bounce, reel, bounce reel, bounce,,,,slammmm O. A nice 28 incher on the light wieght spining reel. Was a nice fight. I only had about 3 hours total to fish and wanted more on the fly so I switched more time. Put on a home made deciever. Long hackle and white bucktail. A nice long cast, I was drifting within five feet of the pillings. I striped it in, inching it along, and then as the fly got past the first piling, my line when from barely moving, to from left to right in light speed. Fish On. And it was hit on a dead run for the pilings. As the striper ran for the piling , I tried with all my might to pull him back with 20 pound flourocarbon leader. He pulled and I pulled and he ran futher around the pilling and I tried to move the yak as fast as I could to get through the pilling all the while trying to fight the fish. He pulled, I pulled he turned and ran to the pilling one more time and then he was gone. He had to be a big one. Only saw a flash of his tail and it was larger then I had seen. I will be tying some more of them flies up real soon. I will get him before the dead line date come. So I left with the thought of I know what he wanted and I will give him another chance at taking my fly!!!!

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